Beware of the trap of name and form

Baba says, ‘become soul conscious‘. When I am, I feel light, and am able to fly. Does it mean that I don’t make any mistakes? No, it is that I when I do, I am able to own up, make amends and move on.

Baba sometimes says, ‘don’t get stuck in name and form’. Often we think He is talking about being impressed with or attached to another bodily soul. While that is certainly one aspect of it, being caught up in name and form also includes wondering ‘what will others think” when I make a mistake. That is often times the first thought that bothers us and is also why we go to Baba for help- I messed up and now, what will others think of me.

This is the reason why a lot of times, even after we’ve offered the mistake to Baba, we’ve told Him about it and asked for His help, we don’t feel relieved, we are still unable to let go. We haven’t really, deeply accepted the mistake for what it is and decided to replace the behavior with a new behavior. We are still stuck with the optics of it all- ‘how did I come across?’, ‘how bad was it?’, ‘wonder what they think of me?’, etc.

That shame is body consciousness. Nothing good can ever come off it.

When I sense that wash of shame come over me, I need to recognize it and immediately, get to the part where I am okay with accepting ownership for the mistake and make a plan to change it because I realize that this behavior is causing me harm. I remind myself of my elevated aim and decide that I don’t want this useless behavior any more. When I make that firm determined decision, that step of courage is matched by Baba with a thousand of His own and transformation happens.

Consider yourself a soul, a child of God…not a householder, He cautions. When I think of myself as my physical role – the mother, the father, the team leader, the teacher, the consultant…whatever…I become heavy with responsibility. Baba says, that is not what you are….it is simply the role you are performing. What you are is My child….and a child has no burden of responsibility. All it does is follow the Father and Mother, do as it is told/shown. When it falls down while learning how to walk, there is no shame involved of what others think…it just chuckles, gets up and tries to walk again.

Be the child, He says. Then you will have a right to the inheritance of all the powers and virtues. Unless you become the child, you will be deprived of the inheritance due to being caught up in name and form of other bodily beings. So, let me learn to be the child again…for that, let me consider myself a soul and remember the Father alone.

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