Don’t be impressed by Maya

Baba says, ‘don’t be impressed by Maya‘. Sometimes, we can feel rather overwhelmed by situations and people. We then feel disheartened and ask ourselves, ‘why me!?”.

Maya, Baba reminds us, is just the manifestation of the weakness in the mind. He says to do a few things: (1) remember who you are and Whom you belong to (2) ensure you are accumulating power to sustain you throughout the day (3) be a donor and a bestower.

When a situation comes before me, it challenges something I am attached to. It might appear that I am about to lose something I identify with – a job, a status, a position, a role etc., someone I think belongs to me. Rather than bow down to the situation and say, ‘O sanskar, O Maya, you are so powerful, I am so weak and tiny before you’, let me remember who I am and Who is with me. The situation is here to show me something within me that I need to change or let go. It is here to help me grow up and see myself as a lot more than what I’d seen myself as thus far. So rather than be fearful of what the situation has exposed about myself to me, let me take God’s hand and face it. When I let go of wrong identifications and of beliefs that people are extensions of me and that they need to adhere to certain expectations, I find it easier to let go. Maybe I made a mistake, it’s okay, let me be wise enough to learn from it rather than worry about ‘what others might think’. If I have taken God’s hand, made Him my world and am following His Shrimat, then even if something goes wrong, He will set it right. He becomes responsible for me. Let me trust this partnership.

Sometimes, we have a great Amritvela, I feel good, then I listen to the Murli and feel refreshed. But as I go through the day and go from situation to situation, I lose that energy and enthusiasm. I get overwhelmed by what someone said or did, a criticism or praise. Baba says, you fill yourself up and then you spend it all, you don’t accumulate. Was my remembrance powerful enough that the power lasts me the whole day? or is it just an average remembrance that only makes me feel better at that time? In introspection, let me really go inward, touch base with my destiny and then go upward to Baba. Let me feel His love burn away my burdens while I realize the elevated part I am playing in this Drama.

To accumulate that feeling of happiness or contentment though, I have to donate it to others. That is the only way it can grow- the more I give, the more it grows. It’s not just about me finding happiness and saying, ‘O, I feel happy’ but it is about sharing it with others through the day. Does this person need courage right now? maybe encouragement? maybe someone to listen? or perhaps someone to be mature enough to let go of their clumsiness or outburst that moment? In the old world, Ravan teaches us that we should capitalize on someone else’s clumsy moment – call them out on it, tell them how they were wrong etc. If I have a certain expertise, I am taught to hoard it lest others learn it too. If someone is presenting their idea, I am taught to pick out flaws in it in front of others so they might realize how smart I am. That’s Ravan’s method. Not Baba’s. Baba teaches me to be like Him- putting others before me, helping them be successful..not just being content with mine, lending my knowledge and expertise wherever needed without waiting to be asked. It’s why we love Him, for His unconditional, selfless love. It’s who He is, it’s who I am too…as His child. Let me remember.

When I follow Baba’s Shrimat, trust in His love, I behave differently. My actions match my thoughts and feelings which are elevated. That enables me to respect myself and garner blessings from others which move me forward on my own journey. I feel satisfies, content, happy.

Maya is nothing but my fear, a weakness in my mind that has taken a form and shape. I have God Himself with me and He is my Father, my Teacher and my Guru all in One. With Him by my side, nothing can happen to me. All I have to do is be open to learn what I need to change and be willing to do it. Let me not be impressed by the strength of Maya….it’s my Father who is All Powerful.

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