Focus on the realization, not the mistake

Baba says, ‘focus on the realization, not on the mistake‘. Often, we make a mistake and we immediately launch into analyzing why we did it, and then we either blame ourselves endlessly -‘I am the worst..’ or deny it ‘who me?…’ or blame it on others ‘but what they said was wrong…’.

We become the embodiment of the mistake and that is of no use to me or anyone else. Baba says, ‘become the embodiment of realization‘.

To realize means I learn from the mistake and I move on. I don’t dwell on it, I don’t go into the spiral of shame or regret, I learn and let go. And I do this not once but multiple times. Going into regret is a form of laziness where the soul settles into a state of ‘O well…I am just no good. I don’t know why I keep doing this …etc etc’ and spends time digging itself into a hole. It is another manifestation of body consciousness or bhakti where I punish myself for being wrong, for making mistakes.

Sometimes, I even think of this battling with myself/with my sanskars as making intense effort. This is not effort, Baba says, this is battling. That serves no one at all. Effort is ascension, where I realize and move forward. I cannot stay in the hole or keep battling and call it effort. If my intention is to repent or atone for what I’ve done, let me do so by changing my behavior for the future.

When we see someone else make a mistake, we immediately get into judging them, allowing ourselves to be bothered by the act and by the person and feeling morally obligated to fix the situation. ‘But what they did was wrong…’, we think. Our sense of justice can deceive us. Yes, it is important to be knowledgful and know what is right from wrong but let me not allow it to sink into my feelings, to take root in my heart. if we do, we find it extremely difficult to move off that point, it’s almost like I am having yoga with that person. Does this help anyone?

Instead, Baba teaches us to go into silence and create a state of peace and calm at that point. The worse or more heated the situation is, the more important it is to create that state of peace within myself genuinely which then radiates outside. This creates an atmosphere of safety for others to be okay, at ease rather than feel judged or criticized. Then they open up, share their perspective.

It’s not about the mistake, it’s how do I need to show up now. To know the answer, I always retreat inward to touch base with my own truth – who am I, Whom do I belong to and what am I here to do. When my identity as God’s child and my task of world transformer come in front of me, I step into that part and I know exactly what I need to do.

This is also how I build concentration- by eliminating the wasteful and negative thinking and focusing on the realization.

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