Changing from a thorn to a flower

Baba says, ‘I have come to make you a flower from a thorn‘. It’s magic!

When Baba comes, He finds us in a very different world than the one He had created- then we were free, peace was the only religion, happiness and prosperity were abound and everyone respected everyone else naturally. About half way through the cycle, we forgot who we are, started to identify with the body and fell prey to the vices. And the beautiful garden of roses that we were in slowly transformed into a jungle of thorns.

We transformed from roses into thorns.

A rose is not just known for its appearance, it is also known for its fragrance and it’s colors. All three attributes together make it attractive to one and all. Am I a spiritual rose? Do I have the color of the company of the One Father? Do I have the appearance that is characteristic of the spiritual knowledge I study each day? Am I lit up from the inside, do I have the pure intoxication of the aim, of what I am becoming, of Who is teaching me? Do I have the fragrance of the divine virtues? of peace, love, tolerance, compassion?

Just as a physical rose bush needs water and sunlight to flourish, so too does the soul, the spiritual rose. Remembrance is like water for the soul, it’s where I realize my own truth, touch base with my own destiny and experience oneness with God. The daily knowledge is like sunlight for the soul, burning away the germs of waste and negative thoughts, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and helping me see those hidden cobwebs of prejudice, grudges, jealousies etc. in the corners of my mind.

A rose is therefore detached and loving. It doesn’t regulate its fragrance or beauty based on preferences – it doesn’t think, well I don’t like this visitor, I am going to emit a bad odor now or think, this person admired me a lot yesterday and even praised my appearance to his friend, let me smell extra nice for him. It is who it is, irrespective of the environment. It doesn’t engage in preferences or wasteful thinking, it is in constant connection and remembrance of the One and that peace and contentment shone in it’s beauty and appearance. It never forgets who it is- it doesn’t see a cactus and get influenced by it and start reflecting similar attributes. It continues to emit its own fragrance, radiate its own beauty, no matter what. Sometimes, we can be influenced by the company we are in – I get angry because she got angry and said something. I feel happy if you are happy, I feel satisfied if you approve of me, else I am sad.

No wonder the gardener’s attention is drawn to the roses in his garden.

A thorn on the other hand offers no beauty or fragrance or color. It, in fact, hurts anyone who comes close to it. We turn into thorns when we forget who we are and fall into body consciousness – we then start identifying not as a soul, a child of God but instead as a role, a position, a gender, a nationality, a bank balance. We go from essence into expansion, from truth to falsehood. As is inevitable with body consciousness, I feel a deep sense of discontentment, as if I have been robbed of all that was mine. And then, all I feel is sorrow and all I can give is sorrow.

Only God has the magical power to transform a prickly thorn into a beautiful rose. His love is the alchemy that transforms the soul, that heals the soul. He is the Magician and this is His most awaited, most popular trick. Don’t miss it…

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