Making my stage strong

Baba says, ‘in addition to being a hard worker, make your stage hard (strong) too‘. Often times, we work really hard on something and present our work to someone. They disagree with a few things and offer a different perspective. Am I willing to accept a difference in opinion or am I so attached to the work I’ve done that I cannot bear to see someone find anything wrong with it?

Sometimes, it’s not work I’ve done, it’s an idea. I present it to the team and the team doesn’t even as much as say it was a good idea, they move on to the next one. I have a specific skill that I am really good at and yet, the job got offered to someone else who is clearly less qualified for the job by anyone’s imagination! We are having a conversation and it’s going well until I point out something in the other person’s argument and they turn it around and blame me for it.

It’s as if, nothing I can say or do is good enough for people. I wish they would just grow up and accept that they are wrong…less qualified…made the wrong choice….

Baba says, ‘whether they need to grow up or not is besides the point. How are you showing up?’ If they make a mistake and I make an equal mistake, it doesn’t make it okay. It just makes us both wrong.

He says…yes, they took credit for something you did, you may have had the better idea, they did misbehave, but if your stage fluctuates based on their words or behavior, then it means that your stage is not strong enough. Why do you get influenced by external behavior?

Often that’s what happens. If I feel jealous because someone got something I really wanted or feel critical because someone did something wrong, then try as I may to justify my feelings, the truth is that it’s not them, they are just being the instruments to show me something about myself. Baba says, ‘what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong but don’t let it come into your feelings’. Those feelings then manifest as my attitude and my attitude is what creates the atmosphere which then impacts the quality of my interactions with others.

‘It is essential’, He says that I make my stage strong, no matter what. It is not optional, it is not a recommendation, it is essential. When I allow myself to be loose during the day which is to say, I allow words and behaviors to influence my stage, will not be able to connect with Baba, will lose my happiness and will not be able to make progress in my own journey.

To build a strong stage, Baba recommends that I practice being in the angelic stage when I’m engaged in tasks and in the seed stage when I am walking and moving around. When I am in the awareness of being an angel, I am no longer attached to anything in this physical world even as I fulfill my role and responsibilities. In other words, I still work hard and offer up ideas but don’t identify with them and so when there is disagreement, I am open to other ideas and perspectives. And once I am done, I don’t feel the urge to hang around to see if there will be applause. I still engage in discussions and conversations but I don’t criticize, I reconcile. I don’t over-analyze things, I know what I need to do.

When I am in the awareness of the soul as a point of light, I am with my Father and in touch with my original quality of peace. I am aware of myself as separate from the body, I don’t identify with a gender or a nationality or a role or position….I am a soul, a child of God. That awareness brings calm and a deep sense of security and belonging.

So let me pay attention to my stage through the day. In addition to working hard on those ideas and all the rest, let me also ensure that my stage is hard (strong) as well.

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