Beware of body consciousness

Baba says, ‘body consciousness is the biggest enemy‘. When you come into body consciousness is when you develop devilish sanskars, He says.

Most people in the world think that they are a body and have a soul inside. Baba comes and turns that belief on its head and clarifies- you are a soul and you have a body. That shift is so fundamental that it changes everything else.

When I am in the awareness of a soul, I realize I am a point of light, an energy that depending upon the function that needs to be performed manifests itself as the (1) mind that creates thoughts, (2) the intellect that discerns right from wrong and (3) the sanskars or habits. My home is the soul world that is beyond the sun, moon or the stars. I realize I take on a body when I come down to this physical plane, to this world stage to play my part. For about half the play I remember I am a soul, the creator of my own thoughts, words and actions. They are based on my original qualities of peace, wisdom, purity, love and the world is a peaceful, loveful, happy place.

For the second half of the play, I forget I am a soul and think of myself as a body. That changes the game completely. I start to identify with gender, appearance, nationality, job, social standing and other endless attributes. From point of light, my identity changed to many things. I went from essence into expansion.

The soul needs nothing other than being grounded in its truth and a oneness with its Father, The Supreme Soul. Because the original qualities of the soul are the same for all souls, when we are soul conscious, we are all operating off the same fundamental truth, we all are children of the same Father, we are all brothers. But when I think of myself as a body, then there is so much difference and so there is judgment, criticism, debate, analysis and even war over what I believe is ‘right’.

Baba says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. Baba is the only Soul who is never corrupted because He doesn’t come into this cycle of re-birth, He is not influenced by the vices. He is the only One who is constantly in realization, He never forgets. He is Truth because He is the only one who knows the truth. He is therefore our only reference point at the end of the cycle. He is the only One who can show me the way back home, back to my own truth. To know Him is to know myself and the more I touch base with my own destiny, the more I get to know Him.

Only His love is the alchemy that can transform the soul and return it back to its original, pure state. His mere remembrance fills the soul with power to bring change – that is why He is The Almighty. People think God is all powerful because He can bring back the dead. God says, ‘I don’t do that. I come to purify you, to remind you of who you are and show you the way back home‘.

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