Maya and remembrance

Baba says, ‘Maya brings obstacles in remembrance‘. Knowledge is easy, He says. It is when you try to remember that Maya creates obstacles. But that is the effort and the only way to burn away sins.

Many children are experts in knowledge, they understand and even teach others but are weak in remembrance. Baba says, just because you listen to the Murli, it doesn’t mean you are in remembrance. More often than not, even as you listen, the intellect wanders here and there. Just because you teach the course, it does not mean you are elevated. Perhaps you even have visions but that is just a waste of time, He says.

Even Meera, the great devotee, who used to sing and dance lost in the love of one Krishna cannot automatically go to the golden age despite her devotion, He says. You have to become eligible by becoming pure. And you cannot become pure through singing and dancing, you become pure through remembrance. The fire of remembrance melts away the alloy of negative sanskars accumulated over half a cycle. Neither song and dance nor knowledge alone has the power to burn away sins, He says.

We think, well, I follow Baba’s Shrimat…what else do I need to do? Following Shrimat means I have taken His hand but let me check if I have taken His company too? Baba says, at this time, you have to take my hand and my company. Without His company, the Shrimat becomes a list of dos and don’ts. Just going through the day staying on higb alert, watching my step can become exhausting. But if I stay in the company of The Friend, The Beloved, The Companion, then it becomes easy. I don’t get angry or critical or judgmental because I find it useless to do so. It gets in the way of my happiness, of my contentment that comes from this beautiful Companionship. I realize that what I have is invaluable and I cherish it.

He is my Teacher and Guru. I have direct access to Him 24/7. I can go to Him with questions or for advice any time of the day…He’s guaranteed to help. He is bound in relationship with Me. Let me use it. Let me take care to not make myself alone. Baba says, the children cannot do anything without Me and I cannot do anything without the children. We are bound together in our destiny. How fortunate am I that God Himself is an integral part of my life, my destiny…do I have that awareness?

I ask you to keep your chart but Maya doesn’t allow you children to do it, He says. As I go through the day, I have small victories, do I celebrate them? Do I connect with my Friend and celebrate with Him? Do I write it down every night before going to bed? Maya is such that she does not allow me to do it. She reminds me of all the things I got wrong. She encourages thoughts of disheartenment, rejection, shame and guilt. Her goal is to take me away from my stability, my happiness and contentment and push me into the depths of darkness where I shut down and forget my elevated destiny and my Father. Baba says, even if you are to die, don’t let go of your happiness. The chart is an effective method to help me sustain myself. I see I did well today, I want to do better tomorrow.

When I do realize something about myself, let me focus on the realization rather than the mistake. Sometimes, we understand our mistake or defect, then we think and think and analyze and stay there. Let me check but not stay stuck there. Let me move swiftly into changing, into becoming the embodiment of solution. When I see something wrong in other’s behaviors, let me not be so egotistic that I get into the mode of ‘I always knew this was her motive…’, ‘I don’t believe how someone can be like that’ and let those feelings poison and sit in my heart. All that does is take me down from my own stage by immersing me in the petty and mundane from where I again forget my own elevatedness and my Father.

Maya comes in many forms to break the bond I have with my Father, with myself. Let me be careful, let me sharpen my third eye such that I spot her from a distance and shoo her away. Let me remember my elevated destiny and my Father. It’s my ticket to purity, peace and happiness.

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