Be introspective

Baba says, ‘be introspective‘. Many think introspective means to be quiet and aloof. Baba says, that is not introspection.

In introspection, I step inward and connect with myself, my original self. I use that energy to serve myself and others. I don’t become aloof, I in fact come closer to myself, my Father and my unlimited family. I become compassionate. I see and connect with myself and others as a point – they too are points, energy…except they don’t know that they are points. If you truly do, you will be happy.

In introspection, I connect with my purity. A pure soul is able to stay in the midst of impurity and serve. God who is ever pure comes at the end of the cycle and sees all the mess. He knows He did not create this but He doesn’t say, ‘look at what they’ve done. I don’t want to get involved in their karma’ and leave. He cares, He is compassionate. He understands my journey. But He doesn’t get entangled. Most of us, when we ‘care’, we either get entangled. Else, we go the other extreme and step too far back.

Even when it comes to my own impurities or defects, when I am truly introspective, I am not afraid of them. I see the defect but I don’t judge it. I don’t whip myself and self-sabotage by rejecting myself. I am mature. And that maturity comes from connecting with my purity. Many practice superficial introspection where I go inward to the point where I see my defects – but that is the superficial layer. Don’t stop there….go deep, touch base with the true self which is pure and elevated. Start there and then from that stable place, from that truth…then look at the defect and change it. If I start at the defect, effort becomes a labor, I battle with myself and I lose interest because it feels too hard, too tiring.

Without introspection, I am not attentive with myself and I can often reach for substitutes. I get into substitutes when I lack experience. When I feel God’s presence in my life, when I experience His love, it is very satisfying. But when I lack that experience, I get into debates, analysis and other substitutes – ‘Shrimat says this, not that..’, ‘he should have done it this way..’etc. That is extroversion where the gravity of the external is stronger such that I get into judgement, criticism, comparison, competition, philosophy etc. It is only when I feel and experience my destiny that I feel inspired to attain it.

I also automatically inspire others to attain theirs. In extroversion, I am more about impressing rather than inspiring. Someone who is deeply introspective will inspire equality- if you have connected with God, then I can do it too. I become an instrument of the Father, instrument of liberation, His helper. Impressing souls does not help them, it makes them dependent on me, takes them away from the Father and their rightful inheritance.

Introspection is about giving myself that precious inner space…to reflect, to touch base, to connect.

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