Following Shrimat

Baba says, ‘keep following Shrimat‘. This is the most auspicious time in the whole cycle. This is when establishment happens.

It is only at this time in the cycle that God Himself sets up school. He comes at the end of the cycle when humankind is in the depths of ignorance. When His children have forgotten everything about who they are and lost every ounce of self-respect. So He comes to remind us again of our identity and teach us about the history and geography of the world. There are many religious gatherings at this time…as many as there are saints and gurus but at none of them will they teach history or geography, Baba says. Only I do that because only I know.

It is at this time that I truly get to know myself through my Father. This is the only time do I know my Father. Even though I am completely pure in the new world, I don’t remember my entire story at that time. I don’t learn about myself…I just am. I don’t contemplate the difference between hell and heaven or pure and impure or soul consciousness and body consciousness. I don’t even use the word heaven or soul…its just natural, I don’t know any other reality for me to truly appreciate where I am or how I am.

Often we say to Baba, ‘I have had enough of this old, impure world. Let’s go home…’ Baba says, you have to be ready first. Keep following Shrimat and you will continue to be purified.

Shrimat is not a set of dos and don’ts although it can feel that way if I don’t experience the companionship of God. If I simply follow this path because I believe ‘it’s the right thing to do’ or because I am fed up with the world, then there isn’t that deep transformation, there isn’t that happiness. But if I can listen to what He says about me and my relationship with Him daily and relate to Him, I feel His love melting away the toxins.

As much as I want to ‘be kind’, ‘be loving’, ‘be patient’, ‘be accepting’, because ‘Shrimat says…’, it’s hard to be that way when I constantly feel betrayed, let down, rejected and just plain exhausted from having to hustle through life. All the soul ever wants is to belong and be able to live from it’s original values- hard to do that when you keep getting pushed around. But when I accept God’s companionship, His love heals, His love makes me belong, His love unconditionally accepts and gives me the strength to do just what I’ve longed for – live my life based on peace and purity.

The more I am able to live my truth, the more I am able to respect myself.

Self-respect is the basis for transformation. His companionship is the only way to regaining my self-respect. And I only experience it now at the confluence age. Let me check today, how am I spending my time.

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