Be a master donor

Baba says, ‘be a master donor‘. His very name is ‘Shiv‘, The Benevolent One. I am His child and so He says, you too should be a donor.

One of the consequences of body consciousness is being caught up in the ‘I’ and ‘mine’. But it is ‘my’ idea, ‘I’ did it and therefore ‘I’ should get credit for it. That promotion was rightfully ‘mine’, it is unfair that it went to him. When I forget who I am, I get caught up in the mundane and petty. I am a child of God, my Father is the Fortune Maker Himself….what are the chances that I am short on anything?

One of the biggest obstacles on the spiritual path is pettiness. It sucks up precious time and energy by taking me on an endless train of wasteful thoughts….and far away from my (elevated) self. But how do I become successful if I don’t get the credit? Baba says, ‘success comes from attitude‘. If my intention, my motivation is good, then I am already successful. We incorrectly think that success means that people are impressed by us and that they applaud.

It is a lot more respectable to inspire people, He says. I do that through my character.

Don’t be afraid to uplift people, to let them get a word in. I don’t need to prove again and again that I am the smartest in the room. It only makes me come across poorly. Instead, encourage others, give them kudos for something they shared, make them feel safe and comfortable to speak up and offer their point of view.

Sometimes, we have a good meeting or a good review of something we put in a lot of effort into. It gets received really well and we feel elated. Turns out, the next presenter gets 1 additional compliment than I did, suddenly, all my joy is lost. What does the reception of the other person’s work have anything to do with what I did…technically, nothing. But when I am body conscious or ego conscious, I feel the constant urge to be on top, to be the ‘best’, to ‘win’. I can’t handle the fact that there can be more than 1 good opinion. Then to deny my feeling of jealousy and pettiness, I get into the chain of justifying my feelings by thinking of all the flaws in that person, in their work that may or may not be true and say…’you see, they really didn’t deserve it…that’s all I’m saying..’.

The soul thrives not on hoarding but on giving. It yearns to give of itself – in the form of love, kindness, acceptance, expertise. God is The Supreme Soul and He constantly gives. He is The greatest Server there is. He comes at the end of the cycle when the world is at its darkest hour. He doesn’t curl up His nose and say, ‘I didn’t create this mess, this is not my karma’ and leave. His greatness is that He being the Ever Pure One, stays in the midst of impurity and serves. He uplifts. He pulls us up from the darkest depths of bhakti and returns us to our self-respect.

He is known as ‘KaranKaravanhaar‘ (the One who does and gets done). He says, all I need is faith and one step of courage and I will do the rest. Each one of us has many experiences of how Baba has helped us shine, to accomplish the impossible, to discover talents within us that we didn’t even know we had. But He doesn’t stick around to hear His praise. He revels in the glorification of His children.

Can I be that selfless?

My ultimate goal is to reveal the Father but He is invisible. I can reveal Him only through my own self, by revealing myself….a self that is equal to Him.

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