This is a spiritual journey

Baba says, ‘you are a spiritual traveler‘. Once you take this journey, there remains no need to take any additional ones, He says.

People plan vacations to ‘get away’, to ‘find peace and quiet’, to ‘recharge’. But as we quickly find out, it is impossible to get away from myself. My mind, intellect and sanskars travel with me wherever I go and as it turns out our mind is the venue where life happens. So if I truly want to take a break, do something different, it makes a ton more sense to do it internally rather than look for change externally.

If I want to get away, let me check what is it exactly that I am trying to get away from. If I am overwhelmed, is it because I tend to take too much on because that’s how I measure my success- by how much I can get done? Am I disillusioned or disheartened and in which case, is there an attachment I need to examine? Is there a subtle desire or expectation I am holding on to?

If I am going on a vacation for peace and quiet, Baba says, ‘but peace is your original religion of the soul. It is the garland around your neck‘. Why am I searching for it outside? If I want peace, let me travel inward and reconnect with my original self, my original qualities. When I do, it quietens the endless chain of waste and negative thoughts, it helps me make right decisions that align with the true nature of the soul thereby preventing feelings of remorse, guilt or sorrow that steal my peace.

If I want to recharge, let me do so by connecting with the Powerhouse, The Supreme Soul. He is the Only One who is Ever Pure. He is unadulterated, always in realization. He is Truth for that reason- He never forgets. Let me connect with Him and recharge my batteries, His love heals all wounds, mends a broken heart. His love makes me belong and that sense of belonging fills me up with a security, with courage and an energy to take the reins of my life back into my hands.

It’s easy as I go through life to lose my courage, my happiness, my enthusiasm as I experience loss, betrayal, rejection, shame, sorrow and all the other feelings that have been with us for half a cycle and exert their gravity over us.

Baba says, ‘O traveler of the night, don’t be weary. Your days of happiness are near‘.

He is here now. He reminds me every day of who I am and of my elevated destiny. Let me remember. That is my journey- the pilgrimage of remembrance. Once I get on this journey, there is no more need to take any other journeys, says Baba. They are all merged into this one.

Let me touch base with my own elevated destiny, with my Father who is The Purifier, The Liberator, The Almighty. He is showing me the path to go home- yes it can feel hard as I come face to face with my own darkness but it is acquired, not mine. It can be painful when I have to swallow my pride – but that’s my ego, not me. The world can feel unfair- but it’s the old world, not the one my Father created. When I remember, I am free, liberated. Baba can then use me as His instrument to serve the other souls, transform the world.

He is here to bring change, to make it okay again. Let me play my part to help in this task – let me remember.

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