Happiness is the mirror of faith

Baba says, ‘happiness is the mirror of faith‘. If I have faith in this spiritual path, in this knowledge, in Who’s teaching me…then, I will be happy.

Baba says, worry is a big illness for which even doctors don’t have a medicine. But God does. He comes and tells me to unburden myself and let Him take care of me. Am I surrendered enough to let Him?

If I am, then I will simply follow His direction and leave the rest to Him. He says, if you follow my Shrimat, then I become responsible for you. But often we find that hard to do. We see that opportunity slipping away, that project I worked so hard for, that idea that I came up with….He tells me to give up the ‘I’ and ‘mine’. That’s hard to do when I’ve worked so hard for it!

That is the definition of body consciousness.

This way of thinking means that I identify myself with an idea, a job, a role, a status….i.e. something other than myself. Baba comes to remind me that I am a soul, His child. That is my true identity. The minute I relinquish power to something external to myself, then I place myself at it’s mercy. How then can I expect to no feel anxiety, worry and sorrow? When things go well, I feel well. Else, I feel defeated.

I am a child of God, The Almighty Authority, The Fortune Maker Himself. But I forget who I am and Whom I belong to.

We think, ‘but Baba you don’t understand. This was my dream and I worked so hard for it. I need you to help make this happen’. So first of all, He is God…it’s safe to assume He understands better than any of us. Secondly, am I serving God or have I hired Him to serve me? He is not here to advance me in my career or in my social status in this old world. He is here to completely transform the old world to a new world. There, no one talks status or position. Everyone respects everyone else, naturally. He is here to make me eligible to live in that world. Let me check if I am going the opposite direction.

If something is not happening as expected, let me be wise enough to realize that it is not right for me and Baba’s task. Something else is or perhaps it’s just not the right time. That’s okay…it’s Baba’s task, not mine. He will get it done as He wishes. I only need to co-operate and I do that by staying light and open. Often we start a task as God’s service and then get attached to it along the way. If I find myself wanting specific outcomes, approval, praise…it’s time to re-calibrate.

I’ve tried controlling outcomes and fixing the drama to suit me for half the cycle. It only got me deeper into anger, sorrow, anxiety, depression and created a culture of comparison, competition and win/lose. Is that the world I want to continue to live in? Or would I rather let God take it from here, show me the way back to how things were, are supposed to be?

It feels hard to let go only when I forget who I am. Remember, He says. Let me listen to what God tells me about me, about my world and follow His direction. God is my Father. Let me trust that He wishes nothing but the best for me. That faith ought to make me smile.

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