The Father and the inheritance

Baba says, ‘remember you are a soul and that you are receiving your inheritance from your Father, The Supreme Soul‘. The soul and The Supreme Soul have met again after a long separation, this is the great confluence.

After half a cycle of wandering, the soul is exhausted. When I forget my very identity- who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do, nothing else works. I became confused that I am the body and as a result lost myself in multiple identities – my gender, nationality, profession, relationships. And so it has been half a cycle of juggling these identities and as every juggler knows, no matter how good I am, that it is simply a matter of time before one or more fall to the ground. Each time a relationship didn’t work, I blamed myself. Other times, I spent years chasing after a prized promotion or job title. You see, my very identity depended on it.

Am I still confused about who I am after coming to Baba?

He reminds me every day that I am a soul, not the body. I listen to it but do I experience it? The Murli is the most tangible form of God who is incorporeal. Reading it gives me precious insight into who He is and how He operates. Understanding that deeply is key because Baba is my only reference point on this return journey back to my truth. He is the only One who remains unadulterated throughout the cycle, is constantly in realization.

Spending time with Him, understanding Him inspires me to also be like Him and the good news is that – I really am like Him…I am His child, it’s just that I had forgotten and now, I am getting reacquainted.

The more I remember, the more I realize my own truth, the less I care about the bells and whistles of this old world. I see them for what they really are- hollow, worth nothing. I no longer chase after status or fame or approval since I no longer associate my self-worth with them. My self-worth comes from living my truth, my original values that now shone through my character. My every thought, word and action becomes elevated and is in service of my brothers and sisters. My face, my behavior all radiate a confidence of having found my lost worth and inspires others to find theirs.

I receive my inheritance. And ONLY God, my Father can give it to me. Only He is able to re-introduce me to myself. Only His love is pure enough to melt away the alloy and purify the soul. Only His companionship can give me back my confidence and happiness. This is the great confluence, the great meeting of the soul and it’s Father, The Supreme Soul.

Am I still confused about what my inheritance is and who can give it to me? Let me check if I am still wasting time gathering stones and pebbles mistaking them for diamonds. Let me use my third eye to see things clearly and receive my true inheritance from my true Father.

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