Be merged in the Ocean

Baba says, ‘be merged in the Ocean of Knowledge‘. When you are, He says, you will experience supersensuous joy.

To be merged means to be one with something. Baba finds me at the end of the cycle after I have spent half a cycle lost and wandering, calling out for help. I didn’t even know whom I was calling out to but I knew deep down that there is Someone up there Who knows me, loves me and can save me.

He’s here and has introduced Himself to me. I now know that He is none other than my Supreme Parent- my Father and Mother. He is my Supreme Teacher and my Satuguru (The True Guru). He is my Beloved, my Friend and my Companion. He is The One that can fulfill all my relationships and does.

The question is do I?

Do I also fulfill my half of the relationship? Or do I only remember the relationship when I need something? If it’s the latter, then that’s not merging, that’s superficial. If it’s the former, where I have made Baba my whole world, where I think of Him and go to Him for anything – to share the good, bad or the ugly- then that’s merging.

Meera, the great devotee, made Krishna her whole world. She left her palace, her relatives, any comforts and simply dedicated herself to the worship and devotion of Krishna. Baba doesn’t ask me to leave anyone or anything. He wants me to stay home, be comfortable and shoulder all my responsibilities but He does teach me how to do so without getting entangled in it. He teaches me how to touch base with my own truth first, and then come into interaction with others. He teaches me how to use facilities for comfort without becoming dependent on them. He teaches me how to stand on my own two feet.

Am I listening?

He loves me as a Father and as a Teacher. His teaching is His love, He says. In fact, the very first thing He does when He comes is set up school so He can teach me about myself, about Him and about the way back Home. He is The Ocean of Knowledge and each Murli has many waves from the Ocean. Do I know to get lost in them? or do I stay on the surface? In other words, do I go deep into each point of knowledge and experience it or do I simply hear, analyze, philosophize? In fact, Baba says, many children know the knowledge well and even teach it to others but they don’t experience it. Unless I experience, I cannot sustain myself on this path. There is only so far I can go by mere recitation. Without experience, there is no joy, there is no transformation and when I don’t see results, I get bored, might even leave.

Dive deep into the Ocean, He says. There, you will find pearls and precious stones. If you remain on the surface, all you’ll get is fish!

There is a lot on the surface to distract me- comparisons, competition, bad behavior, betrayals, fame or defamation, praise or criticism, approval or disapproval and countless other old worldy things. I can choose to engage with it and perhaps find a fleeting glimpse of happiness or keep busy. But I will deprive myself of the joy, the freedom, the liberation, the love and the touching base with my own elevated self that comes when I dive deep.

Let me not be afraid of engaging with The Father and His knowledge. I cannot lose by doing so. He is here to help me reclaim my rightful inheritance, He is here to show me the way back home. Let me allow myself to be merged in His love by remembering Him with a lot of love, by relating to Him with a lot of love. His love is the alchemy that will heal and transform. It will melt away the alloy of impurity and liberate me in life.

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