From stones to polished gems

Baba says, ‘I come to change you from rough stones to polished gems‘. He is the Great Jeweler.

For half a cycle, I was under the grip of Ravan. Having forgotten who I am, I identified with the body and all the expansion that came with that. Of course that meant that my mind and intellect were scattered amongst so many different roles, mini identities and I was chasing after so many different pursuits that all promised to bring me happiness and fulfillment.

Well, that didn’t quite pan out the way I had expected and that’s not a good feeling when I am body conscious and dependent on these little injections of fleeting happiness to sustain myself.

So what did I do, chased even more, even harder. In other words, dug myself into the hole some more. I developed more cunning, worse manners, more competition and comparison etc. etc. and heeded my conscience lesser and lesser. When you do that enough times, the conscience is barely audible anymore.

Baba says, that’s what vices do. They don’t allow you to see or hear the truth. You become stone intellected.

He is the Great Alchemist and the alchemy of His love transforms the stone intellects into divine intellects. That is also why He is called The Magician. He comes and the first gift He gives me right at birth is the divine intellect. One could also call it the third eye of knowledge. With it, I recognize Him as God, my Father. This is the that same long lost Father that has comes to take me back home. He has come to rescue me from the clutches of Ravan, He has come to cleanse me of all the toxins and make me pure.

I learn to remember Him with a lot of love. The more time I spend with Him, the more I understand Him and the more love I have for Him. My intellect becomes purer and I recognize myself and touch base with my own destiny. I see that I am not the body but rather a soul, and no ordinary soul, I am in fact an elevated being, a child of God. I refine my manners, my behavior. I become a polished gem. My eyes, face, behavior all radiate spirituality, contentment, confidence. They radiate the power I have received from The Father.

He is also the Great Sculptor- He takes a rough stone and transforms it into a beautiful sculpture. Yes, He has many titles, each representing one of His many skills- He is The Sculptor, The Jeweler, The Magician, The Alchemist…..

He is my Father and all I need to do is remember.

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