Silence is greater than science

Baba says, ‘the power of silence is greater than science‘. They go searching for new planets far away and yet they don’t know who they themselves are.

The ego is such that humans think they can do just about anything, go anywhere. There is so much pomp and show, so much money is spent in space travel, in finding ways to occupy another planet. Baba categorically says, ‘there are no more worlds out there, this is the only world. It is what becomes heaven and hell based on your level of purity’.

So….what am I doing to make this world, the only world, my world…worthy of living in?

Today, we barely manage to keep peace, love and harmony. We are constantly fighting, bickering, robbing, threatening and gunning for each other. That won’t be solved by looking for a new planet, it will be solved by looking for myself.

Where have I lost myself? To what? And whatever it is, is it worth it?

I have forgotten who I am – I am a soul, a child of God. By thinking of myself as a body, I come under the influence of the vices and spend my time thinking and doing things that are about you vs me, name, fame, winning, wanting more.

The soul wants nothing, for it has within it all the treasures. It only wants to live by it’s original values, it only wants to give to others. Both you and I are a point of light, reminds Baba. And so is everyone else. When I remain in that essence, I realize that we are so similar, that we are equal, that we are all the children of the same Father, a family. There is nothing to like or dislike…when I am soul conscious, I am inclusive…like God is. I see, I understand and I accept. I see the differences and I harmonize.

Isn’t that the world we want to live in? If yes, then what am I doing to usher it in?

Remember‘, He says. Rather than spend the time looking outward for more worlds, Baba says, in silence, look inward and see what is in your inner world. What fears, labels, roles, prejudices, identities have you stored in there? Clean it up through the power of remembrance, come into your original awareness – of being a peaceful soul, a loveful soul.

The very first Shrimat (elevated direction) that the soul receives, the value that is foundational to it is that of non-violence. When I am angry, I am violent to myself first and then to others. And the soul can never be happy or feel contentment by going against its very foundation. Yes, there is a LOT of injustice in the world – it is an old and degraded world. And the way to fix that is not through getting angry or enraged at it’s oldness and degradation but instead to use my spiritual strength to transform it – starting with my own transformation.

When I change, the world changes. One lamp can ignite another lamp and before I know it, it is a festival of lights. Yes, it seems like a pipe dream when I think of it as a mere human. But when I remember that God is here for this very task, it doesn’t seem so far fetched. Let me lend Him a hand.

Let me lend Him my hand of remembrance, let me lend Him my hand of a pure intellect, let me lend Him my hand of non-violence, of love, of kindness. None of this is something I have to find from somewhere or learn- it is all within me. I simply have to summon it. I simply have to remember that I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, I am a child of God.

Let me not think thoughts or speak words of anger or hate, let me instead go deep into silence and touch base with my original self. Let me not look outward at the superficial differences between us and fight about them but instead focus on the essence, the sameness. Let me not come into extroversion and be influenced by the toxic atmosphere outside, let me go into introversion and radiate my peace and love to everyone.

Baba says, attitude is the fastest way to make change. A minute is too long, He says. It only takes one second and one thought. That beats any rocket out there anytime and I didn’t even have to leave home for it.

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