Become a karmayogi

Baba says, ‘become a karmayogi ‘. A karmayogi is one who performs karma (action) in yoga (remembrance). Only then is it true service, He says.

For half a cycle, I believed that respect came from accomplishments, from outcomes, from approvals, from success. I was taught to have a ‘killer instinct’, be driven to achieve a goal, an outcome- that’s what would be deemed success. And its only when I am successful can I fit into society, that’s the pre-requisite to belong.

And so I’ve been endlessly chasing one goal after another, to gain success and respect. Just when I think I’ve arrived, there is another target to achieve. It’s never enough, there is always a little further to go. But that’s life, right? That’s the thrill….

Baba says, ‘respect comes from being true to yourself‘. In other words, from being soul conscious.

When I consider myself a soul, I realize that I already have all the things that I had been searching for within me. I realize what an elevated being I am, a child of God. I enjoy moving inward rather than outward because inside, I am able to touch base with my own destiny, I am able to see myself in the whole cycle, I am able to marvel at my good fortune, I am able to be intoxicated with the realization that God Himself is my Father, Teacher and Guru. He is my Companion and with me right now.

Once you find God, what else is there to find, He asks.

And yet, even after coming to Baba, we find it hard to let go completely. We often have one foot in the confluence age and one in the iron age. In other words, I often forget the truth and slip back to the old ways. I still chase after success and achievements. I strategize, plan, influence and hustle to make my way to the ‘top’.

Baba says pleased not with a clever head but with an honest heart.

You don’t move forward through action for the sake of action or action that is performed for name or fame. You move forward when you perform action based on truth, He says. Don’t be action conscious, be soul conscious. You are signed up to be a world transformer, an image of support to the world, an example. You won’t be able to be that if you are mired in your own limited, selfish desires, He says.

It’s not that I should give up my job, my activities and retire. To the contrary, Baba always says that these are opportunities to meet people and serve. Carry out your duties but do so not for selfish gains but to serve. Do it with a sincere and honest heart. Do it in the awareness of who you are, Whom you belong to and what you are here to do. Then, that action becomes spiritual and it serves. If not, the action remains ordinary and limited and will yield limited result.

‘Become a karmayogi‘, says Baba. That’s what will get you respect from yourself first and also from others.

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