Baba says, ‘make your intellect faithful‘. Where there is faith, there is victory.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when we are at the lowest, impure state- with very little self-respect and looking to others to fill the gap. He comes and introduces Himself as my Father and reminds me of who I am. He tells me daily of my elevated destiny, He tells me that I am a soul with divine qualities. Then He tells me how to be that again.

For half a cycle, I have been in the clutches of Ravan and I am now turning myself around in a fraction of the time to be my original self again. I try to measure up to Baba’s vision of me but often I falter. Some days, it feels as if I took two steps forward and four steps back.

Baba says, ‘be content’. Is it easy?

I have made progress for sure since I have come to Baba but I still have ways to go. It can feel overwhelming and even disheartening some times to find those hard sanskars that simply won’t leave. I can feel deflated and wonder, was He talking about me?

Two things help me get my faith back up again.

First – Baba is the Purifier – He is the One that has the power to purify impure souls. This is His job. He has not asked me to take it all on my shoulders- if that was the way, He would not need to come in the first place. All I need to do is be online, be surrendered so that He can perform the surgery, the detoxification. This is His domain, He knows the schedule, He knows what I am capable of better than me and He is in charge. All I have to do is be present.

Always judging myself, putting myself down for not achieving a self-made standard is making myself unavailable, it shuts me down. Let me learn to partner with this auspicious time, with Baba and with my own sanskars. Let me not fight them, let me simply dissolve them in the love of The Father. When I stay in His company, take advantage of His companionship, I color myself in His colors. When I fill up with enough of the good, the bad automatically finishes. Let me learn to focus on the filling up.

Second- Let me remember that I have been through this transformation process countless times. This is nothing new. The keyword in Baba’s statements is ‘again‘. He has come to remind me ‘again‘, He has come to make me a self-sovereign ‘again‘, He has come to transform this old world into new ‘again‘. I have done this before! I can do it again

Partner with Me and this time, He says, and become light. Give me all your burdens and become worry free. I am The Purifier. We’ve done this many times before and I am here to serve again….simply remember.

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