Forget the old world

Baba says, ‘forget all that you see in this old world‘. If you hang on to it, it will hinder your spiritual progress.

Baba comes to us at the end of the cycle when the world has become old and impure. There are as many nations, as many opinions as there are people, many different religions, philosophies etc. Because at the end of the cycle, we have completely forgotten who we are and are searching for some sense of identity and belonging, we wander from one opinion to the next, from one philosophy to the next searching and seeking for truth.

The gift that Baba gives me is experience. He says, there are many who speak well and convincingly but nothing beats experience – it is the greatest authority. It is when I don’t have an experience with God that I get busy with debating and analyzing and philosophizing. Experience is what strengthens my faith and sustains me and one of the most important requirements on this spiritual path is to have new experiences.

For that I need to become introspective, step inward and then upward to connect with God. Spend time with Him, relate to Him. I cannot do that until I first step inward i.e. consider myself a soul. I cannot connect with The Incorporeal One until I acknowledge that about myself first. I cannot connect with The Essence until I become essenceful first. I cannot connect with Truth until I step into my own first.

I cannot be soul conscious if I am lost in the expansion of the old world. My mind is constantly racing, thinking about the events of the day- what he/she said, what they meant/didn’t mean, why a problem came etc., if I spend time worrying, being anxious about problems that might come, criticizing and debating, my mind will not be able to focus or concentrate on The One. And wouldn’t I much rather do that?

When I think about it, most of the thoughts are wasteful- about others, about things that haven’t and may never happen. And when there is a genuine problem on hand, Baba says, there is no use dwelling on the problem, become an embodiment of the solution instead. Rather than think about ‘why did this happen?’, ‘why me?’ etc, move on to what you need to do now. Baba is my Companion, my Friend, my Guru and is always with me helping me in my journey. He says, give me all your burdens. But when I dwell on my problems, keep my mind busy with waste, I am unable to catch His help, His advice on what I need to do.

This short confluence age is my only opportunity to spend time with God, learn from Him and with His help, become self-sufficient, stable in my own truth, ready to take on life. Let me not waste it by being busy with unnecessary things that are not relevant to me.

The world is full of sorrow, says Baba. It is up to me to help Him transform it to a world of peace and happiness. I can only do that when I transform myself by rising up to my highest potential, touching base with my elevated destiny such that my thoughts, words and actions match that vision. When they do, I become Baba’s instrument to remove sorrow, radiate peace and happiness and return this world to it’s original state.

Let me check today, what am I busy with?

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