Dying alive

Baba says, ‘you have to die alive from this old world‘. It sounds harsh but it really is not. Do I have to die alive once or all the time? It is all the time.

Every thought, every word and every action is a choice. Do I want to think, speak, act in the old worldly way or do I want to change? Yes, someone said something or did something that was critical or hurtful but how do I want to show up? Do I reciprocate what they did, reflect their sanskars back to them or do I want to model the behavior I want to see in the world?

If all I do is reflect back what I see, then do I have any originality? Who am I? What are my values? What do I stand for?

Baba says, this is not about denying something or being ignorant. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, no doubt. But the greatest spiritual practice is to not allow something to sit in my heart. If I do, I allow myself to become angry, enraged, critical, judgmental, vindictive etc. Before these feelings do harm to others, they do a lot of harm to me. They block my connection with my own truth and with God. I can no longer see or think clearly. My brain gets in overdrive creating thought after thought after thought, my vision is colored by my perception of what happened.

It blocks my spiritual progress. If I want to help the world, I need to progress spiritually. I need to become a person that is broad-minded, accepting, non-judging, open. I need to become a detached observer- someone who is capable of stepping outside the situation, and observing it from the outside, objectively having taken the emotion out.

Dying alive is a decision. Do I continue the old ways or do I summon my spiritual power to handle the situation differently? It’s asking myself, is this the way?

When that waste thought about someone comes up, do I get onboard or nip it right there? Do I judge someone based on something I saw or heard? Do I dislike or like people? do I have preferences?

Well, what if someone treated me poorly? It’s not what they did as much as how I allowed myself to feel about it. If I am on my seat of self-respect, secure in who I am, it doesn’t matter what someone said or did. I know who I am. If I have stepped down from my self-respect i.e. become body conscious, I will feel easily hurt – all it takes is one word or action.

Baba says, ‘die alive from this old world’, the world that is based on body consciousness. Die alive from the old ways- it is something I have to do multiple times throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what he said or she said, what they did…the question is, what do I need to do now? Is this the way?

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