We are the Godly family

Baba says, ‘you are a part of the Godly family‘. You and I are both children of God.

When I forget who I am and become body conscious, I become part of the devilish family. When I am part of the Godly family, I treat everyone equally. I don’t see the body- the color, race, gender, nationality, appearance, status and all the other categories of expansion. I see the soul, the point of light, the child of God. I see you…..as you really are. And I realize that you and I look exactly the same. That you and I have the exact same qualities…we just took different journeys. I see you, my brother. Of course, we’d be similar, we are children of the same Father.

When I see the body and get caught in the expansion, I compare, I judge who is better based on what’s convenient to me. I seek privileges at the expense of you. I dislike you because of the color of your skin, because of the way you look, because you talk differently than me, because of a prejudice I’ve grown up with. I don’t see the fundamental similarity, I see vast differences- none of which should matter but I make them matter to suit myself. If I marginalize you, I can be better off.

When I remember who I am, I am at the Confluence age. I am a student in the school that God has set up where I learn to become an elevated human being. I acknowledge that I have become impure, been influenced by the vices, by the conditioning, by the man made social constructs and religions, by the many many opinions and philosophies. I acknowledge and take accountability for change. I make a decision- this is not the way I am supposed to be, this is not the way my world is supposed to be and I raise my hand to offer myself to help bring about change.

Change at the scale that only God can bring about. And He’s here and ready to do it. He can’t do it without me. He needs His family to help, to chip in.

And so, the first step is to remember who I am and the family I belong to- God’s family. That will automatically remind me of the elevated task I have offered to help with. If I want a better world…the real world where peace is the religion, love is the foundation and happiness is the atmosphere, where everyone is treated with respect and equality…naturally, then the work starts with me. Let me, in silence, step inside and touch base with my truth. Let me learn to be seated in that truth when I go about my day. Let me learn to see others in their truth.

Let me be the child of God that I am.

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