It’s just a few more days

Baba says, ‘the new world is being established‘. When a new house is being built, your attention automatically goes there.

Everything that is new must become old. Same goes for this world. It was once the new world- then we were free, peace was the only religion and prosperity was all around. Everyone was happy, there was nothing lacking, sorrow was non-existent. It’s the same as if I just moved into a new home- the fresh smell of paint, the beautifully polished floors, not a speck of dust, new curtains, mats, dishes…everything. It’s a little slice of heaven.

Then, it gets old. It doesn’t mean I didn’t take care of it. It just means, it gets old. The paint gets dull, the mats and curtains do get old, I now need to constantly dust around and there might be leaky faucets and a potential termite problem. That’s just how it works….

We do the best we can to take care of the leaks and breaks but you know what after a point, it’s time to move. It’s that time now, Baba says. Except He is talking about something bigger than a house.

Just as we would give away old stuff when we get ready to move to a new house, Baba says, you need to give away your old stuff to move to the new world. My ways, my habits- they are oooold, they need to go. My tendency to think negative, wasteful or ordinary thoughts- that’s no good in the new world. What about those feelings of shame, guilt, regret, helplessness, hopelessness -that’s got no place in the new digs. Then there’s comparison, competition etc….the list is long. Turns out I have a LOT of old, useless stuff.

Baba says, give it all to Me and I will trade you the new world for it.

When I shed all the old layers, I feel lighter, the burdens have been lifted and I can see myself as I originally am. That lightness, that ability to shed comes from remembrance- of who I am and Whom I belong to. His mere remembrance melts away the alloy and only the pure gold remains. His love is the alchemy that transforms – He is therefore The Almighty Authority.

But He says, you can only love Me and experience my love if you first remember who you are….if you consider yourself a soul. Just as how a wire covered in insulation cannot receive electricity, similarly, I need to shed my body consciousness and approach Him as a soul, His child.

When I become pure, I see it reflected in the world around me because I radiate it into the atmosphere. I create the new world, lay every brick with every change I make. You’ve done this before many times, you will do it again…He says. Have faith in yourself, in the Father and in the Drama. Just a few more days to go, He says, the old has almost broken down and the new is almost ready.

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