God is my Teacher

Baba says, ‘always remember that God is your Teacher’. Even remembering this truth alone will bring immense happiness.

He has come to remove me from the rubbish and transform me into a beautiful flower. In other words, He has come to remove me from the body consciousness and help me become soul conscious again. He says, I come during the night of intense darkness when the world is shrouded in ignorance, blind faith and deception. I come when there are many false gods, prophets, priests and pundits who offer their opinions- be careful, He says. Don’t be trapped by Maya.

Her tactic is to move me away from my true self to either the left or to the right- ‘you are not being given your fair shake…poor you’, ‘you are right to argue over this, it is your right after all’, ‘you deserved it more, it’s so wrong that they overlooked you’, ‘they are wrong, you are right’, ‘it’s important to win, if not, it will be such a shame’ etc. She either makes me feel like a victim or like someone who is too good to be true. Both are false versions of me. It’s easy to fall into these traps when I am not stable in my own truth – in who I am and that only comes with practice.

I come to make you into the master of the world, you should be so happy and give regard to such a Father, He says. The way I give regard is to follow His Shrimat. His Shrimat is simple – consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.

Remembering anyone else, no matter how good they are, at this time in the cycle is wasted time. With humans, there is always a good/better/best. With God, there is just pure. He is Ever Pure, never wanting, always giving unconditionally. He is the only Altruistic Server. He is the only One who is constantly in realization and is therefore the Only One with the ability to purify me. That purification happens through remembrance- when I remember who I am and Him, His love transforms me.

While Maya shows me my defects through a magnifying glass so that I feel dejected and therefore shut down, God shows me my complete self. He shows me my elevated, pure self- the version He sees and He encourages me to see it too. This is who you really are, He keeps reminding me. Touching base with that self, that destiny is true introspection. Often I step inward but only scratch the surface – I see all the defects and put my hands up in fright. Go deeper and see your true self- touch base.

This is no bodily being teaching me, this is The Incorporeal Father who comes to teach me, the incorporeal soul. He only sees me, the soul, not the body. He teaches me to do the same with myself and with others. That’s my way back to my self-respect, to my truth. He teaches the truth for He is The Creator, only He knows the truth – the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He is telling me my story of my sovereignty, of how I lost it and how I can get it back. Let me listen, learn and become my true self again.

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