Master of heaven

Baba says, ‘you are becoming the masters of heaven‘. Did you ever think that was part of your destiny?

When a student studies to become say, a doctor or a lawyer, he/she visualizes themselves in that role. When I become a doctor, I will look like this, walk and talk like this, do these things etc. You, Baba reminds us, are studying to become world sovereigns, the masters of heaven – how should your walk/talk/manner be?

There are doctors who are doing well, are well-known for the quality of care they provide, for their manner and patients want to see them. Then there are others who wait for patients but no one goes to them. You have to study well at this time, Baba says. It is only now that you can accumulate the jewels of knowledge, transform your sanskars. It is only now that God Himself comes to transform me from a thorn into a beautiful flower. He teaches me about myself, about Him and reveals the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

You have to imbibe those qualities, those manners NOW in this old world, He says. If you don’t do it now, you will not set yourself up well for the rest of the cycle.

It starts with being truthful, He says. That is the foundation – it means to be honest and clean. When I am truthful, I am fearless. I am unafraid of coming face to face with my own darkness, with other’s darkness. I am unafraid of harmonizing my sanskars with others and of standing by my values. Then, your true self will be revealed in no time, He says. When you become afraid, Maya attacks and makes you weak, she shuts you down. Then you lose time and have to make a lot of effort to get back up again.

Those who are to become the masters are brave, He reminds me. Those who are brave don’t shiver at the thought of Maya, they don’t say, ‘Baba, please don’t let Maya come to me’. Instead, they stay ready to take on any challenges that come their way. They are aware of who they are and that victory is theirs in the making. They don’t spend their time bumping up against little stones and rocks…instead they are smart enough to take a high jump over them. In other words, I don’t battle within myself about ‘why something happened’, ‘why me..’, ‘how could this be…’ etc. I don’t dwell on it, I see it, face it, move on.

Sovereigns never leave home without their sword of knowledge and their shield of remembrance to protect them. They always carry the spiritual powers in their quiver- be it the power to tolerate, the power to adjust, the power to face, to pack up, discern, judge or withdraw. And they don’t just carry them, they know how to use them. It is useless if what I need in a situation is the power to tolerate but what I use is the power to face instead. No…they know to summon the right power at the right time.

You now know who you are and you have the elevated aim. Now imbibe the divine qualities that match that aim, He says. For that, let me stay close to Him- my Father, my Teacher and my Satguru. He is my reference point, my Companion, my Guide on the journey. I teach you Rajayoga, He says, it is the study to become a world sovereign. That is small matter. Do you have this intoxication?

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