A child of God

Baba says, ‘you are a child of God‘. You must not have any devilish qualities.

His name is Shiv- The Benevolent One. It’s who He is. He, The Ever Pure One, comes into this physical world when it is at the height of impurity. He comes to serve it. He is the only altruistic Server- He wants nothing in return.

He says, ‘it is my part in the Drama‘.

Most souls don’t even know that they are actors, He says. We are all actors, each with our own part in this unlimited Drama. I take on the costume of the body to play my role. However, half way through, I become confused and think I am the character I am playing and forget who I really am. It is body consciousness.

He comes to remind me that I am a soul- His child. I am not the role I am playing, I am not the body I am wearing. I am a point of light, just like Him, incorporeal. My qualities are also like His, it makes sense…I am His child after all. Purity, peace, knowledge, love, happiness are all innate to me. And yet, He says, you’ve been searching for peace everywhere else. You are a peaceful soul, it’s your very nature.

A child always remembers it’s parent. There is no effort in it, it is natural. In good times or bad, the child always remembers. Here, The Unlimited Father, gives me my unlimited inheritance of self-sovereignty, He shows me the way back to myself. And yet, isn’t it a wonder, He asks, that you forget such a Sweet Father!

His loves heals wounds and is the alchemy that transforms me from impure to pure. I had fallen into the clutches of Ravan (the five vices), He liberates me. I feel inspired to change my habits that were causing sorrow to myself and others – I feel inspired to be like my Father, I feel inspired to step into the vision He has of me…my true self.

I love you, He says. What else have I got to do in the Confluence Age other than think of you and love you. You, on the other hand, remember your job, your relationships, your chores etc. I only remember you, He says.

Never again in the whole cycle will I experience such a pure, unconditional love. Let me not deprive myself of this love, of this companionship. ‘When you remember Me with a lot of love, you come to Me’.

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