Remembrance brings closeness

Baba says, ‘your are close to Me when you are in remembrance’. Even though you may be physically anywhere in the world, you are always close to Me when you remember.

When you consider yourself a soul, you remember Me and are close to Me. When you are in body consciousness, you remember your job, duties, your friends, family and all the other things. When I am in the consciousness of a point, I am in the essence, in my truth and then all I want is to connect with The Father, my Eternal Companion, my Beloved. When I forget and think of myself as a body, then I remember all the bodily things which is expansion.

Isn’t it a wonder, Baba says, that the soul needs nothing but the body needs so much.

There is a lot that happens in my day to day. I meet many different people, each with their own set of sanskars. When I forget who I am, I get caught up in what he said/she said, how they behaved, why something happened. I feel hurt, angry, agitated etc and waste valuable energy and time.

When I am in the consciousness of being a soul, I remember that we are all souls, that we have all been on our own long journeys and that we have acquired sanskars based on social constructs, conditioning etc. I learn the great art of being a detached observer I see but I don’t let the feelings sit in my heart. I don’t waste my time being surprised, shocked or as Baba says, in applying a question mark or an exclamation mark. I simply put a full stop and move on.

I know this is an old world with old habits, old behaviors. Then why do I insist on being constantly surprised or shocked by it? Baba is Ever Pure, He is the Ocean of love, the Ocean of Knowledge. He comes to the old, dirty world and sees things that even you and I don’t see. And yet, He remains detached and therefore loving to all. He remembers who He is, what He is here to do.

So should I.

When I remember myself and connect with Him, no matter where in the world I am, in whatever situation, I am close to Him. Then, I feel safe, loved, secure and am able to give that to others. I don’t feel sucked into the situation or the events or by the sanskars of others. Even if it is I who made a mistake or had a failure, I don’t get sucked into the shame or guilt, I don’t get affected by the judgment or criticism that might be aimed at me. I maintain my self-respect, my dignity, my calm. By staying in remembrance, I become compassionate toward myself and others. I realize that this is just a scene I am in in this unlimited Drama, learn from it what I need to and move on. I remain beyond and am able to think and act clearly.

I am just a thought away, He reminds Me.

Sometimes, I can feel that I remember Baba in a tense situation and receive no response. Other times, there is so much going on in the Drama that seems unfair that I wonder if maybe God has forgotten about me or maybe He doesn’t intend to do anything for me. Baba says, ‘it cannot be that my child would remember Me and I not respond. You belong to Me. In this confluence age, I spend my time remembering you, my children’, He says. To receive His help, I do however need to follow His Shrimat (elevated directions). Through following His Shrimat, I become Shri (elevated). It might seem like there is still nothing good happening but be patient, says Baba. Even though the situation might appear unfavorable now, with time, you will see good come from it. This is not a blind faith but if we were to reflect, we find that we have these experiences.

When I follow His Shrimat, I become His responsibility. I don’t have to worry. He says, there will be many obstacles, many storms but all you need to do is remember yourself and Me. The boat of truth will never sink.

Let me hold on to my faith, let me make Him my One trust and One support. Wouldn’t you rather remember that which brings you happiness and makes you pure? His remembrance does both. ‘You called out to Me asking me to make you pure and take you back home. I am here now, come home with Me’.

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