Remember Me alone

Baba says, ‘remember Me alone‘. It is the way to happiness and purification.

Remembering is the most natural thing we as human beings do. But we forget that we choose to remember what we want. We think thoughts just simply come to us and there is nothing we can do about them. In fact, Baba reminds me daily, I am the creator of my own thoughts. I decide what I want to remember, think about.

As I go through the day, many things happen, I meet many people with varied personalities. Each of these interactions trigger different thoughts based on my sanskars. So if I have a sanskar of negative thinking, no matter what anyone says – even if it is genuinely positive, I will go into a spiral of thinking about ‘what they really meant’. I am unable to accept genuine love and appreciation. Similarly, if I have a sanskar of pleasing others, I will find myself endlessly thinking about what I can do so ‘they like me’. If I am critical, I will create thoughts of judgment and criticism no matter how hard someone may be trying or how well they do.

So the way to change these thoughts is by transforming the sanskars. It’s a cyclical process really. My thoughts create feelings and then it comes into action. I do a certain action enough times and it becomes a sanskar or a habit. Then, those habits automatically trigger a certain quality of thoughts….

If I can pay attention to my sanskars and notice that I am critical, then let me decide today that I want to change it to be compassionate instead. Then the next time I have a critical thought, I will nip it in the bud. The first thought will come but it is my choice if I want to engage with it and create a whole chain. I do this checking and changing a few times, and that same cycle works in my favor and I successfully transform my sanskar to a positive one. Then, I don’t have to make an effort, compassionate thoughts come naturally.

I need power to change old sanskars that have been with me a long time. That power comes from stepping inward to touch base with my original truth and with my Father. Why? When the soul connects with it’s truth and with its Father, there is happiness, a feeling of safety, security, peace, love. To be able to create strong, powerful, positive, peaceful, loveful thoughts, I first need to experience those qualities myself and stock up on them, so to speak. Then, in those moments when I catch myself getting sucked into a chain of waste or negative thoughts, I can dip into my stock and replace.

I make it easy, He says. I am your Father, Teacher and Guru all rolled into one. In the physical world, you have to remember three different people (or in some cases, many more if I have many gurus…) but here you only have to remember One.

God Himself is Teaching me, He is revealing to me the secrets of the whole cycle – it’s beginning, middle and end. As my Guru, He is showing me the path to purification and the way back home.

‘Does a child have to make effort to remember it’s father?‘, He asks. Here, The Eternal Father has come to give you back your inheritance, teach you and take you back home. He has come to make you a self-sovereign. He has come to remove all your sorrow and bestow happiness. He has come to create for you a new world- heaven, where there will once again be peace and happiness. ‘How then’, He asks, ‘do you forget such a Father?’

They say, God is the giver of both happiness and sorrow. Baba clarifies, ‘how can I give my children sorrow? I am The Bestower of Happiness’. ‘Simply consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’.

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