Don’t sulk with the Father

Baba says, ‘don’t ever sulk with the Father‘. If you sulk with the Father, you also sulk with your inheritance.

Many children come to God and then somewhere along their journey, they sulk and leave. You deceive yourself, says Baba. Many come to God with the false understanding of what He does and doesn’t do. They think that because He is God, He should be able to do anything He wants- like bringing the dead back to life. They see someone who has practiced the black arts do something and think that if he can do it, then surely God can too. When they don’t see it, they think this cannot be God and leave.

Baba says, ‘I am the Purifier. I come to purify you and take you back home‘. His mere remembrance purifies the impure souls of half a cycle and returns us to our original truth. That is why He is The Almighty Authority, not because He can bring back the dead.

Some come to Baba and sure enough, part of the journey of transformation is to come face to face with my darkness, my acquired sanskars from Ravan. But when that happens, I get afraid and say, ‘I didn’t even think this could happen! This never happened to me before I came to this path…how could this be’ and then we go tell our friends and relatives. If they are not on this path, they might say, ‘well, it’s because you have stopped devotion….this is not the right path’. For a person without faith, that can be point where you break away without realizing that this is a path of learning- yes, the whole point is to shed the layers, the masks that I didn’t even know I was wearing and realize my own truth.

Some of us, we find it hard to get along with certain people and we say, ‘wow! how can someone like her be on this path?’, ‘I can’t go to a class where such students come!’. We think, if this was really God..then, how come these people are like this!!’ And we leave. The thing we forget is, none of us is perfect, we are all flawed humans…that is why we are on this path…to change, to transform and become our true, pure selves again. We are all on our own journey- let me not compare mine to other’s and arrive at wrong conclusions.

Then some of us come because we are fed up with the world. So we come to Baba as an escape- we don’t put in the energy to learn what He is teaching, we simply come as if we were going to a temple- to feel good. The inevitable outcome, however, is that it becomes routine…I have no experiences with God..I become tired and bored and leave for something new.

Baba says, many come but many also leave. By doing so you deprive yourself of your rightful inheritance. I come to teach you about yourself, about Me and the Drama. I come to return to you your lost inheritance- your truth, your self-respect. I come to transform this old world into heaven, the new world. By leaving, you deprive yourself of the happiness, peace and love, the security, the self-assurance, the belonging you want to feel. It is all within you, I am here to help you access it again, return to it again.

Yes, it can feel hard, even overwhelming at times. But let me have the faith that God, my Father, my Teacher, my Guru is by my side every step of the way. He is working on me, helping me regain my footing. Let me hold on to my faith, let me listen, let me do, let me remember.

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