Don’t waste your time

Baba says, ‘don’t waste your time‘. This is the time for purification and the return home. It is now or never.

He comes at the very end of the cycle, when the world is at it’s most impure, most ignorant point. He comes to transform the world back to it’s original state of purity, peace and happiness. He does so by transforming us souls- when I transform, the whole world transforms.

All of us have been on our own unique journey, we have our own strengths and weaknesses, conditioning, beliefs, prejudices, fears, labels and masks. In other words, each one’s illness or need is different. Baba says, I am The Eternal Surgeon. Only I know your complete journey- the beginning, middle and end. I know what your illness is and have the medicine for it.

He comes to purify me – remove all the tumors, the toxins and take me back home. His Shrimat or medicine is – consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone. Only Baba is Ever Pure, He is unadulterated as He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. He is therefore constantly in realization and my reference point. Remembering Him brings me closer to Him and myself. Seeing Him reminds me of who I am. His love melts away the alloy or the toxins and purifies me.

You can be anywhere in the world, you could be walking around, eating or going about your chores- simply remember Me. You don’t have to be taught how to remember, He says. Check your thoughts…are you remembering what someone said or did? That is a waste of this precious time….and it only brings you sorrow. Remembering Baba burns away my sins and brings me happiness.

Sometimes, I may not be remembering wasteful things, but someone else starts to gossip and tell me about them, let me check- do I listen? do I show interest? or do I change the atmosphere by helping everyone remember Baba? Your aim is high, says Baba. Now is the only time to get there. If you waste this auspicious time of transformation, then you will regret later when it is too late to bring change. Let me realize that I make my own destiny and invest in it.

He is my Father, Teacher and Guru in One. He is also my Beloved, my Child, my Companion. When I make Him my world, there is nothing else left to remember but Him and He fulfills all my relationships. At this time in the cycle, there are a number of distractions- bhakti, pundits, saints, ‘gods’, astrologers, media…..- who is the influence on my life? Is it God? If not, my mind and intellect are likely scattered across a multitude of influences searching and seeking.

I have come to stop your wandering and return you back to your home. I have come to remind you of who you really are, Whom you belong to and of your elevated destiny. I don’t give you any difficulty, He says. There is no effort….just consider yourself a soul and remember Me with a lot of love.

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