Keep a chart

Baba says, ‘keep a chart‘. To make fast progress, He says, keep a chart to check how you did throughout the day.

Did I give sorrow to anyone today? Did I become an obstacle in anyone’s path? Did I stay in remembrance today, for how long? Keeping a chart every night helps me assess how I did today so that I can identify gaps to work on tomorrow.

The children say, ‘Baba I forget. I don’t know why my intellect doesn’t remember your words..’. Baba says, isn’t it a wonder! You spend time thinking about what someone else said, what they did etc. even though it only brings you sorrow. The Father is the Bestower of Happiness and you forget Him!

I have to train my mind to choose what to remember.

Many of us think that thoughts come and go automatically and there is nothing we can do to control it. We think, it has to fix itself. Baba tells us that I, the soul am the creator of my own thoughts. I can choose what I want to think about.

Maybe I am someone that is structured and I remember things when I have to explain it to others. Maybe I remember when I write things down. Maybe I remember better when I am preparing for a competition or contest. Let me use tactics to help me remember Baba’s knowledge. Let me challenge myself that I will remember 2 new points from Baba’s Murli every hour – let me keep a chart at night to see if I did or not. Let me write an essay or a paragraph daily about a specific point in the day’s Murli- let me keep a chart if I did that today. Let me find a friend or family member to explain the Murli to daily- let me write in my chart if I did that today. But what if there isn’t anyone I can explain to? Baba says, you have yourself don’t you? Give yourself a class today.

Not only does it help me think positive, elevated thoughts but it also helps clarify the knowledge for me, it helps me understand better and therefore imbibe it better. Each point of knowledge is worth multi-millions, He reminds me. Why don’t you remember that which makes you elevated and brings you happiness?

He also reminds me to be consistent. Many children, He says, keep a chart for a couple of days and then stop. Be very careful, He cautions. Maya is waiting to attack when you are being careless. Let me make a pledge and then have the determination to follow through with it. If I don’t do it now, it will be too late, He says. There is so much upheaval going on in the world, I need to make fast progress to be able to be the lighthouse, the beacon of stability and hope in order to help my brothers and sisters. I need to do this now, not later. When there is turbulence, it is hard to meditate and practice, I need to have done the practice before to be able to be useful in that moment of turbulence. And I need to have practiced over a long period of time – old sanskars don’t change overnight, a shift in remembrance doesn’t become natural overnight.

Let me heed the call of time. Let me check if I am ready by keeping a chart.

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