Become golden

Baba says, ‘let every thought be golden‘. People celebrate a golden jubilee but your every thought is golden.

People wish each other a ‘golden morning’, a ‘golden year’, ‘a golden era’ etc. but that is just a moment in time. Here in the confluence age, your every thought should be golden, He says. Check your thoughts- is it truthful and clean? or is there an influence of old sanskars, impure feelings or attitude? Those souls who are truthful and clean will feel light and easy and will be loved by one and all. God is pleased with an honest soul.

Let there be thoughts of good wishes and love for one and all, He says. Even if it seems that the other person is an enemy, that is okay but give that soul only golden thoughts of love and kindness. Shower them with these fragrant flowers and you will find that even enemies become friends. Don’t wait to see what they will do first…’I will smile if she smiles’, ‘I don’t care about him if he won’t even respect me..’. Baba says, even this is a subtle form of beggary.

The children of God don’t beg, they are heirs.

Seat yourself firmly in your seat of self-respect..remember who you are and Whom you belong to, He says and then you will find the strength to give. If the other person respects you or not is irrelevant, you should always give, He says. Even if they give you stones, you should always give them jewels- you are the children of the Great Jeweler, you only have jewels to give.

To this day, your stage is based on praise, approval and appreciation. When you do something, you wait for approval and praise. When you don’t receive it you feel disheartened. When you do receive it, you feel happy. This is not the mark of a powerful child of God, He says. No one can have a life that is always full of praise and success and so if my stage is based on outcomes, my life will feel like a see-saw…sometimes up, sometimes down. You should learn to be stable irrespective of outcome, irrespective of praise or criticism, He says. Your self-respect comes from who you are, not from what you do.

Everyone has a specialty, He reminds me. Identify yours and learn to see the specialty in others. Even if they have 99 defects, learn to see the one specialty. Based on that one specialty, you can uplift that soul and make them claim their inheritance. Sometimes, we can think that God only thinks of others, not me…what does He mean, see the one specialty!! But when I reflect on it, I realize, this is as much for me as for others. If I get caught up in other’s weaknesses, I will become bitter and blocked. I will hold myself back in my own progress. So let me keep myself free and light by learning to see the goodness in others and use that to change the atmosphere.

Attitude creates atmosphere, He says. It is the fastest mechanism to bring about transformation. Remember, He says, you have to change the whole world. Will you do this by giving a lecture to every soul? In any case, souls are tired of hearing words, they want an experience. You can give this to them by transforming the atmosphere through your powerful thoughts and attitude. You face, behavior and your eyes should all radiate peace, love, happiness, joy.

Become golden, He says and the world will become golden too.

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