This is the Confluence Age

Baba says, ‘this is the confluence age‘. This is the time when souls meet their Father, The Supreme Soul.

Even if you remember that this is the confluence age, that is remembrance, says Baba. To remember the Confluence Age is to remember the wonders of this time.

This is the time at the very end of the cycle when the old transitions into new, when the night becomes morning, when darkness is dispelled by light. It is only at this time in the whole cycle that God Himself comes to this physical world to purify us souls and take us back home with Him. He, The Ever Pure, comes into the world when it is at it’s most impure, degraded state to make it pure again. He comes to transform the old to the new, change hell into heaven.

I come when my children are in sorrow calling out for liberation, when there is utter irreligiousness in the world. I come to liberate souls from the clutches of the vices and to establish righteousness again, He says. Every day, He reminds me of who I am, He tells me about the beginning/middle and end of the cycle, He tells me about the new world and how it is completely different from the old world. In the new world, you are free, He says. Everyone respects and appreciates everyone else, peace is the only religion, there is happiness and prosperity. Sorrow is non existent.

You are my child, my helper. Together, we have to establish the new world, He says.

I do that through the study. I listen to the knowledge He gives me every day, understand it, use to realize the changes I need to bring within myself and then with the power of remembrance, I transform. His love is the alchemy that heals deep wounds, lifts burdens, burns away defects. And I only get it at this time. At other times in the cycle, I will experience love of human souls and there is a good, better, best….but with Him, it is pure.

Keep your eye on the new world, He cautions. Pay attention to your thoughts- don’t drain your thought power by thinking of wasteful things – name, fame, what someone said, credit, me and mine of this old world. When you waste your thoughts, you waste all your treasures along with it, He cautions.

When there is a new world being established, why do you insist on thinking of the old? When you have access to God, why do you waste time thinking of what someone said or did? When you have access to happiness through the elevated knowledge and experiences with God, why do you hang on to things that give you sorrow?

It’s as if I take a walk in the old world every so often. I forget that the Confluence Age is not something I can pause while I go on these walks, it is time lost. It is opportunity lost. It is experiences lost. It is companionship lost. Losing even a second of this Confluence Age is like losing a year, He says. Why? because when I engage with waste, which is to say, I engage with Maya, I invite sorrow into my life. It shuts me down to God’s voice, it makes me disheartened, it makes me anxious etc. Then it takes time, effort and hardship to get out of the hole I dug myself into before I can move forward on my spiritual journey again.

Don’t forget this is the Confluence Age, He says. Baba has already helped me lift the anchor off the shore of the old world and we have set sail toward to the new world. Let me stay in the boat, trust The Boatman, trust my destiny and keep my vision on the shore of the new. Yes, there will be storms, there will be tests, there will be distractions but let me practice remembrance, let me practice keeping myself busy in service, let me make my fortress strong so I resist the temptation to jump off and swim to the old world.

I am fortunate that I am aware of the Confluence Age, I am aware of the contrast, I am aware of God and my relationship with Him. Let me not waste a single moment of this auspicious time of change.

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