Faith makes me carefree

Baba says, ‘faith makes you carefree‘. Where there is faith, there is no fear or worry.

At the beginning of the cycle, in the new world, we are the epitome of self-respect. We have relationships but we are not entangled or dependent on them, we have our studies but there is no pressure, there are roles and responsibilities but there is no identification with them, there is no winning or losing, comparison, competition or any of the rest. We just are….we live in harmony.

At the end of the cycle, it is the opposite. We, the same souls, have almost no self-respect left. We call attachment…love and are deeply entangled in our relationships. When they cry, we cry. We live off approvals and praise and feedback. Even after coming to Baba, rather than get my fulfillment from my self or from my relationship with Baba, I depend on praise from seniors, their approval, on how good or important my role is. I am happy if I am on stage, not so much if I am in the background.

We forgot the way to be when we forgot who we are- souls. When I fell into the consciousness of being a body, everything fell apart. Now, as a consequence, we live in a world that is gripped in fear and anxiety- what if I don’t get that role? what if they don’t like me? I am a failure because so and so disapproved….etc. What if my work goes unnoticed, how will they know ‘I did it’?, what if the seniors like someone else more, they will get all the good projects…

This old world is my creation and with God’s help, I have to transform it, make it new again.

He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me‘. When I do, I see how He operates and it serves as a reference as I unlearn the old, corrupt habits and align once again with the truth.

When God comes, there are many false ‘gods’, pundits and gurus. Each claims they are ‘true’, that they are an ‘incarnation’…god Himself. They even fight and argue amongst themselves over prominence and status – there is so much at stake…the winner gets all the followers -> more fans-> more fame-> more money…etc etc. While all this is going on, what we don’t see is God…the real God, my Father, joining in the fight. In fact, He couldn’t be bothered! He is not thinking, ‘well, here I am and these mere mortals are fighting for a position that is mine and mine alone….how dare they!’ or ‘well, move you people, I am God!’, nor is He using His power to perform miracles to prove His Might. He instead has feelings of mercy and compassion for them.

He knows Who He is, nothing can change that. He has faith in Himself.

It doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t see it, that doesn’t change what is true. What He also knows is that the souls that are to recognize Him, and help Him in His task will come. He won’t need to perform any magic tricks to attract them- they will see the Truth and be drawn automatically. They will help Him, and the world will be transformed once again. No question, no doubts.

He also has faith in the Drama. He is stable on the Drama.

He knows that He has led the transformation many times before, He will do it again. It’s His part in the Drama. The souls who are to help Him, that’s their part in the Drama. The souls who claim to be ‘gods’, that’s their part in the Drama. He doesn’t have to worry about them or ‘put them in their place’. The laws of karma are in-built into the Drama – they work automatically. He is clear on what He needs to do- purify souls and take them back home. He focuses on that.

Do I have clarity of who I am? That I am a peaceful soul? A child, a helper of God? A world transformer? Or do I still think I am a role or a job title in this old world? am I still conflicted about what my identity and purpose is?

Next, do I have faith in the Drama? that I don’t have to hustle or strategize or chase to be ‘successful’? That I don’t have to join the fight over who is the winner or who gets the prize or project or who gets the credit etc etc.? Am I clear on the fact that the old world and it’s ways are not the truth, that they don’t determine my value, that their assessment is not who I am? Do I also, like my Father, have feelings of benevolence and compassion for my brothers and sisters caught up in the chase or do I join the fight myself? Do I have faith that my part in the Drama is fixed, that I am unique and that what I am here to do, no one else can and will do? I am who I am, no one else can be me.

Let me check today if my understanding of and faith in myself, my Father and the Drama is strong and intact. Once I build up my faith, I find that I have nothing to worry about. I become a carefree sovereign.

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