Give the practical proof

Baba says, ‘give the practical proof of your transformation‘. The souls of this old world have heard enough words, He says. They want to see practical proof.

He comes at the end of the cycle to a very different world than the one He had created. Then, we…His children, were free. Peace was the only religion, everyone was happy and respected each other naturally. There was no such thing as sorrow. Now that same world is old and impure. There are many, many, man-made religions that all have their own agenda, beliefs, systems and rituals. There are as many opinions as there are people and sorrow and fear are omnipresent.

Do you hear the cries of your own brothers and sisters, He asks. I cannot bear to see the sorrow of My own children, how can you?, He asks bluntly. You each have a responsibility to your brothers and sisters to show them the way back, to introduce them to their Father and inheritance just as you have been.

But words only go so far, He says. They have had enough. They have heard from the false gods, the priests, the pundits, the philosophers…everyone. They have been promised salvation, happiness, peace. They have spent money on rituals, put themselves through dangerous and long pilgrimages, observed fasts, prostrated themselves in front of idols and religious leaders…they are feeling exhausted physically and betrayed emotionally.

You owe them practical proof, an experience. And nothing is more proof than your own life, He says.

What do my brothers and sisters see when they see me? Happiness, contentment, joy? or sorrow and disheartenment? If it is the latter, then I am doing a disservice. They will wonder….you say that God Himself is your Teacher, that He takes care of you…then how is it that you are still not happy?

There are three things, Baba says, that cause me sorrow – a restless mind, a wandering intellect and old sanskars. Let me check if my mind is at rest or if it is busy churning out an endless stream of wasteful thoughts of the events from the day, from the week, from 20 years ago. Is my intellect sharp, keeping a watchful eye on the mind and training it to think the right thoughts or is it asleep or wandering such that the mind, now untethered is aimless in its thinking? Do I constantly slip back into the body conscious sanskars of comparison, competition, judgment, jealousy, criticism…is my life still a hustle for name, fame and glory in this old, impure world that is falling apart?

Unless I transform and become a practical proof in front of my family, my co-workers, my community…there isn’t a model for them to refer, there isn’t an inspiration or motivation to change. Baba says, be the light that ignites other lamps. Only when each of us can ignite another lamp can there be the festival of lights, can there be peace and prosperity, happiness and contentment. ‘It is your birthright’, He says, ‘and it is inside you’. All I have to do is burn away all the layers atop of it and access it again. It’s what I’ve always wanted, what I have been seeking all this time, let me not spend another moment depriving myself of my happiness and my joy.

I don’t just owe it to myself, I owe it to my brothers and sisters. I owe it to my world. The Father says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’.

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