Opening the lock on the intellect

Baba says, ‘you have to be soul conscious at this time‘. But you forget.

‘Consider yourself a soul when you listen to the knowledge’, He says. Then the lock on your intellect will open and you will be able to help unlock other’s intellects too, He says. Instead, you children tell Me to do your work and open the lock on so and so’s intellect. The children are reminding the Father, He smiles.

One of the symptoms of body consciousness is to think, ‘I am right’. The way I see the world is the right way, you are wrong. My idea is clearly the right one, you can’t see it because you are not good enough, smart enough…your intellect needs opening. And what’s worse, I don’t see the folly of my own ways. I actually feel like a victim having to put up with people who can’t seem to see ‘the truth’, ‘the right way’. I am trying to help them but they are so closed up….And so I go to Baba and ask Him to help this poor soul so that they can see what I see.

‘Be soul conscious’, says Baba.

When I am in the consciousness of a soul, it’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s more about compassion, the way I treat the other person, how I made them feel as opposed to proving that my way is the right way. But we wonder- what about the task, the service? Let me remember that this is God’s domain, His task will get done. All I have to do is be co-operative. That means to maintain unity, to create an atmosphere where His task can be done, where service can happen.

Instead we often commit the mistake of making it about the task- getting it done fast and ‘efficiently’.

If we reflected on how God does His work, it provides a reference for how we ought to do ours. He is The Almighty Powerful, He can get anything done in record time. He is here to transform the world from hell into heaven. But He doesn’t do it by waving a magic wand. He establishes a university to teach us souls how to do it. ‘I don’t want to do anything without the children‘, He says.

We children having been through the cycle are the epitome of ignorance when He finds us. Forget transforming the world, we don’t even remember who we are! He starts at the very beginning – reminds me of who I am, gives me His introduction and tells me the beginning, middle and end of the story of the cycle. You’d think that was work enough….but no….I forget again, and again, and again. But He doesn’t throw up His hands in the air and say, ‘I’ve had enough with these silly kids’, I know how this needs to get done, I’ll just do it Myself. Instead, He reminds me again, teaches me again…tries it a different way each time until I get it. And He doesn’t do it as if it’s a chore or out of compulsion, He does it with love, with the understanding that I’ve been through a long journey, that I’m exhausted, that I’m hurting.

He picks me up and heals my wounds. He shows me a vision of me that I didn’t remember. His faith in me leads me to have faith in myself. I touch base with my own destiny and begin to stand on my own feet again. He inspires me through the journey to see things differently, to change my perspective. He doesn’t tell me to do it, He inspires. He waits until I realize the truth myself, until I make some conclusions myself. It’s only when I realize something for myself will I be willing to and have the power to act on it.

So, He opens my intellect by inspiring, enabling and creating the atmosphere through His attitude. As I continue to listen to His knowledge and through the power of His remembrance imbibe those jewels within my life, my intellect continues to open.

When I am in that same consciousness as my Father i.e. when I am soul conscious, I approach things differently- with patience, with humility, with respect, with understanding, with compassion and love. I see others as souls, as my brothers and value the partnership, the collaboration more than I value so called efficiency.

You see, success here is defined differently. It’s not about what I do, it’s about who I am.

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