Hum so, so hum

Baba says, ‘you transform from human to angel‘. You were that before, you become that again.

People in the world have many beliefs. Some believe that angels are literally flying beings with wings, others think they are beautiful beings that reside up above in heaven. Others don’t believe in angels as much as they believe in deities. But the common belief across all this is that these angels and deities are separate beings, that they are not humans, that live with God and are close to Him.

Baba comes and clarifies misunderstandings and untruths. Angels are not a separate kind of being, He says. They are simply human beings that possess divine qualities. They are souls that live in alignment with their truth or in other words, those who are soul conscious.

When I think of angels or deities as separate beings, I am essentially telling myself that is not something I can attain. I am settling to be the human, the person I am now…I can’t be anything more…this is it, this is who I am. It is a deep sanskar of bhakthi that makes me believe that I am nothing more than what I am today. I spend my life bowing down, praying to God that He might send an angel to help me with my difficulties, help me get through the day.

Baba says, it is you. You are the angel, you are the one with divine qualities and I am here to show you the path to be that again. It’s a simple path too, He says, there is no difficulty involved- no dangerous pilgrimages, no rituals, no penance on mountain tops, no observing fasts….

All you do, He says, is remember.

This is not a new muscle you have to build or anything new you have to learn. Your original qualities are angelic qualities, they are divine qualities. You became misaligned with them when you fell prey to the vices halfway through the cycle, now you shed all the falsehood and once again align with the truth of who you are.

You have to understand the mantra of ‘Hum so, so hum’, He says. People think it means that the soul becomes The Supreme Soul and vice versa. Baba clarifies and explains- no human being can be called God. There is only One God and He is Incorporeal. What the mantra instead means is that I, the soul, was an angel, a divine being and I now become that again.

Even in today’s world, we occasionally encounter a rare soul that does something that makes me think, ‘that was an angel’ or I say, ‘she was a God-send’. Those are momentary occurrences, they come and go. Baba is here to help me attain an angelic stage.

  1. When I am an angel, I don’t identify with the body and its trappings. I know I am a soul, I am aware of my divine qualities and operate on the basis of those qualities.
  2. When I am an angel, my thoughts, words and actions are based on truth, they mirror those of God.
  3. When I am an angel, I have all my relationships with God. He is my world.
  4. When I am an angel, I am happy because I am not weighted down by the weight of karmic burdens or by wasteful thoughts.
  5. When I am an angel, I don’t argue or criticize, I don’t engage in right or wrong, I simply reconcile.
  6. When I am an angel, I don’t wait for applause or praise, I simply perform my action and leave.
  7. When I am an angel, I am a helper, an instrument of God, I don’t waste time in the old world.
  8. When I am an angel, I am merciful, benevolent, compassionate, loveful with myself first and with others. I don’t waste time with shame or guilt. I don’t live in fear.
  9. When I am an angel, I don’t shake or tremble when there are storms, for they will come. I instead stand firm on the basis of my faith in myself, in the One that is teaching me and the Drama.
  10. When I am an angel, I don’t turn up my nose at the sight of impurity, I live in the midst of it and serve.

That is really who I am! Let me accept it, let me realize it and live it in my life. When I do, I transform this old world into the heaven it was…again. Just as angels are not different beings, heaven is not a different place, He says. When you become a ‘heavenly being’, this same earth, this same world, become heaven.

Many of Baba’s children have the question- what is my part in the Drama? What is my role?

He says, to be an angel….again. Hum so….so hum.

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