Remain stable on the Drama

Baba says, ‘be unshakable with the knowledge of the Drama’. When I forget is when I come into upheaval.

He reminds me that I am a soul, a point of light. I am an actor. I take on the costume of this body to play a part in this unlimited Drama. This physical world is my stage and the Sun, Moon and the stars are the lights that light up this stage.

When I have this awareness, I remain light no matter what the scene I’m in. Someone says something critical or flattering, for that matter, I don’t take it to heart. Why? because this is just a drama! I make a mistake, I am in a tough situation…I don’t come into an upheaval, I don’t wring my hands in despair because I know this is a drama. It is a scene, it will pass.

Does this mean that I can do whatever I want and then say, ‘well…drama!’ No. ‘You have to understand the Drama correctly‘, He says.

I am the hero actor of this unlimited drama. My Director is God Himself. He is giving me instructions daily on every scene I have to play. He tells me what to do, what not to do, how to be. He evens gives me my costume and adornments. ‘Do you know how to wear the dress of an angel?‘, He asks. The dress shines such that it attracts souls from a distance, He says. As I imbibe each point of His knowledge, it become a jewel that adorns me. ‘Don’t perform any actions that would spoil your decorations‘, He says.

As an actor, it is my duty to listen to and follow the instructions of my Director.

When I come into body consciousness i.e. forget that I am an actor, I am offended when my co-actors say or do something I don’t like. I am disappointed when an action does not result in an expected outcome. I am jealous when someone else is praised and I am not. I am threatened by other’s success and am disheartened by failures. At this point, I am no longer heeding the directions from my Director, I am simply reacting to my co-actors and the scenes itself. I find myself saying, ‘But why did this happen to me?’, ‘how did this happen!’ etc. Baba says, ‘you shouldn’t even have these thoughts‘, let alone feelings.

Who is your Director?, He asks. I wear the dress and the adornments of an angel but my thoughts, feelings, words and actions are not aligned. My face which is the mirror of my mind reflects a different reality, one of turmoil.

Remain stable in the knowledge of the Drama‘, He reminds me. Let me remember my role of an angel and play it to perfection. Let me keep my intellect connected to my Director, listening to His voice and following His direction.

Simply, play your part on the stage, then like every actor does, pack up and return home, He says. In other words, I do what I need to do in any given scene, then I don’t wait for applause or criticism. I don’t worry about outcomes. Once I play my part, I simply become an observer.

When I can do that, life is not so complicated. There isn’t any waste- whether in thoughts, words or actions. I enjoy my co-actors a lot more and certainly perfect my art by learning from my Director.

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