Don’t become tired

Baba says, ‘keep serving, don’t become tired‘. Baba, The Ever Pure, comes from far, far away to a degraded, impure world and serves. He doesn’t get tired, neither should you.

And that is really what purity is about. It is living in the midst of an impure world and serving it. Yes, it requires strength and stamina, but fundamentally, what it requires is an attitude of service. It requires the intent to serve.

Do you hear the cries and see the sorrow in the world?‘, He asks. Souls are tired of hearing hollow words, they want to taste the truth, they want to experience.

And service does not mean grand gestures – big workshops, lectures, seminars and conferences. We are also not speaking about social service here- there are a number of well qualified, capable souls that deliver this. What God is teaching me is spiritual service. It has to do with the soul, the spirit- about returning it back to its truth, helping it reclaim it’s lost self-respect, it’s inheritance.

That takes time and a LOT of patience.

When I come to Baba, I have forgotten who I am and have acquired many false beliefs, prejudices and sanskars. I have been conditioned to thinking and living a certain way – the wrong way. He comes and uplifts me with His love and compassion – which is different from mercy. Mercy is a more like a one-time thing, you do it for someone that is in dire straits and needs an injection to start breathing again. And yes, I needed mercy at the start but then, it is about learning to walk again. That is compassion. When I stumble and fall, He doesn’t judge or condemn, He doesn’t get frustrated. He simply teaches me another way, again and again until I get it.

Sometimes, we can get tired. ‘Baba, I have tried to talk sense to this soul. I have tried to help out but they just don’t get it. How long do I have to put up with this?’, ‘Baba, how come I tolerate so much and they continue being disrespectful…do only I have tolerate?’, ‘Baba, the people around me are so impure. I really want to get out and move to a place where the people are pure and righteous’.

‘Baba does not get tired, why do you?’, He asks.

When I have the right attitude and intent, success is guaranteed. I am tired when I serve out of a sense of compulsion, because ‘Shrimat says…’. Shrimat says a lot of things..but let me do it because I want to, because I care…because I care enough that His task is now my task. Because, ‘those people who don’t get it’ are my own brothers and sisters. If I feel that I am tolerating, then I likely am not; I am suppressing. If I am interacting with other souls with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, then that is not service either. ‘No one is complete yet’, says Baba. And no, there isn’t a place in this entire world where there are ‘pure and righteous’ souls – that place would be heaven and it hasn’t been established yet.

But that’s what God is here to do – establish heaven. I meet you children after such a long time of separation, He says. I bring you a gift- paradise, on the palm of My hand.

As He teaches me about myself, inspires me through His example, I transform. I start to realize my original truth and it reflects in my thoughts, words, actions and my very attitude. That transformed attitude transforms the atmosphere and gives other souls the experience they crave – one of pure love and belonging. They feel inspired to claim their own inheritance from The Father. Starts with a few souls- a few ignited lamps, soon, it’s a community, a country and the world. That’s how I receive my gift.

So don’t get tired, He says. We are a team and there is a lot of service to be done.

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