Don’t ask Me for mercy

Baba says, ‘don’t ask Me for mercy‘. I don’t have mercy on anyone.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when I am completed bankrupt of self-respect, dignity and virtues. He comes when I have settled for a lifestyle of hell as the way to be. I am in sorrow, there is anxiety and fear all around. I called out to Him in bhakti saying, ‘please have mercy on me’. He did. If we reflect back on our experiences, we’d find instances where He gave me the strength I needed to get through situations, to face things etc.

But now is not a time for bhakti. Now is the time for knowledge.

A teacher does not have mercy on his students. Baba comes and establishes the Godly University where He teaches me daily the right way to be. He reminds me of who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. When I remain in that awareness, my thoughts, words and actions are pure and elevated. They give me fulfillment and happiness. When I forget and fall into body consciousness, my outlook changes. My fear and anxiety come back as I start to believe that temporary things are responsible for my happiness. So I become controlling and sometimes paranoid. That inevitably leads to sorrow.

He says, ‘I show you the path to reclaim your lost inheritance, your self-respect and happiness’. But it is you that has to walk the path.

In other words, He says, ‘show yourself mercy‘. Even when He shows me the path, I falter….sometimes because I wasn’t able to identify Maya’s form, other times because I knew better but I couldn’t find the power to make the transformation. I succumbed to the fear of losing something I thought was my lifeline and decided to cling on.

He says, ‘where there is faith, there is victory‘. Do you have faith in The One that is teaching you? Do you have faith in the knowledge? Do you have faith in your own destiny- that it is elevated? Do I believe that the Drama cherishes me?

When I forget my own elevatedness, my own destiny, I chase after attainments in this old world. I try to build my castle on quicksand and then inevitably fear losing it. When I don’t see expected outcomes, I think the Drama is against me, that it is unkind. Not the case, says Baba. The Father, this time and the Drama are all benevolent. I may not appreciate the closed door today but when we reflect on our own experiences, we find that we are often thankful for those closed doors later when we find that better opportunity, learn that we avoided an obstacle. When I have faith, I make different choices, I live my life with confidence like a carefree emperor.

Sometimes, we go to Baba for forgiveness for mistakes we’ve done. He says, ‘I don’t forgive anyone‘. Yes, when you tell me your mistakes, you feel lighter. But then you have to forgive yourself through the power of remembrance. The repentance is to promise yourself that I will not do this again and transform that sanskar that is useless and causing you sorrow.

You are my child, He says. A Father does not have mercy on His children. He has love for them. I meet you after a long time of separation. I have come to take you home with Me and show you the path to truth, peace and prosperity. That path is, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’.

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