Become peaceful and happy

Baba says, ‘become peaceful and happy‘. If you are not peaceful and happy yourself, how can you establish peace and happiness in the world?

Baba comes at the end of the cycle and finds His children in the depth of ignorance. Accordingly, the world reflects that darkness as well – peacelessness, fear, anxiety, anger, hate are all just manifestations of sorrow resulting from ignorance.

I simply forgot who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. As a result, I fell prey to Ravan (the vices) and lost all of my inheritance. Now, The Father is here to show me how to claim it all back.

He says, ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘.

But as I try to do it, thoughts come rushing into my mind – the roles, responsibilities, events that occurred, then there are all those feelings. A number of us spend the time in meditation processing our feelings and analyzing why I feel a certain way etc. And processing and analyzing are all important – but not during meditation. Let me instead use that time to connect with my Father, my Beloved, my eternal Companion. Let me allow myself to experience the peace and love and contentment that comes with that connection.

I can’t do that however, unless I pay attention to how I spend my day. Those moments of remembrance are dependent on whether I was careless or attentive during the 16 hours of waking time. When I go through my activities, during my interactions, what is the quality of my thoughts? Do I churn the knowledge or do I allow my mind to be untethered and roam in whatever territory? Does my intellect stay alert or does it sleep? If I allow myself to become loose, then I allow my thoughts, words and actions to become loose or of low quality such that they then haunt me when I try to remember Baba.

You have to be soul conscious in order to connect with Me, He says.

If I am still caught up in body consciousness, my intellect will be clouded such that it cannot make the connection. It will be as though the plug is searching for the socket without actually connecting. I will feel exhausted, sleepy and as Baba says, hopeless. Many give up thinking ‘remembrance is not for me’ and they look for a substitute in service. They immerse themselves in action. But Baba reminds us that service is not a substitute of remembrance….service is the result of transformation that occurs when I am in remembrance. Remembrance is where I receive my power to bring about change.

Even one second’s worth of experience of pure love and contentment can bring me a lot of power. Let me wake up in the early morning hour of nectar (Amritvela) and remember – that I am a child of God, my elevated destiny, my Father…God Himself, my elevated purpose at this confluence age to establish peace and happiness in the world. As I stay attentive through the day and continue to chip away, the old sanskars will dissolve.

Peace and happiness are my birthright, He says. They are within me, I just need to access them again. When I do, it becomes visible through my eyes, face and behavior. It radiates into the atmosphere and gives others an experience as well, they feel inspired to claim their inheritance too.

A peaceful and happy world doesn’t just show up one day; it has to be established, He reminds me. It starts with me becoming a peaceful and happy soul.

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