See through the third eye

Baba says, ‘you now have the third eye‘. The physical eyes see things that are temporary but the third eye see that which can never be destroyed.

The very first gift Baba gives us when He comes is the gift of the third eye- the eye of knowledge. I had forgotten who I am or Whom I belong to. He comes and gives me my own introduction and His. He also tells me my story- the beginning, middle and end of it- my inheritance and how I lost it but more importantly, I learn from Him how to claim it back. You can write your own ending, He says.

The knowledge He gives me opens the intellect – my third eye helps me see right from wrong, true from false. It helps me make the right choice at any given step.

As I go through the day, I encounter various people and have many different interactions. If I was in a situation where a wrong behavior, in the past, I would get angry, might even say a few things to the other person but with my third eye, I pause. I ask myself, ‘is this the right way? Is this the best way for me to respond?’ I realize that it is not a question of what the other person did but rather of how I respond. I find that I feel more sorrow when I show up poorly, say something hurtful than by what anyone else did. I remember what Baba has taught me, ‘yes, what they did was wrong but if you respond in a similar fashion, you are wrong too‘. It is not that I am ignorant. I see the wrong but I know better than to let any feelings sit in my heart.

When I see someone have a clumsy moment, I don’t raise my eyebrow and distance myself with a holier than thou attitude. I don’t get into the wasteful cycle of ‘why would they do this?’ or ‘did you see that!’ I see the scene through my third eye of knowledge and realize that we are all on a journey. We are all working through the old sanskars….that includes me. Instead of judging, I remain detached from the sanskar and judgment..loving to the soul.

When I hear myself having thoughts such as ‘this is my idea’, or ‘I need to beat so an so’ or ‘that should have been mine‘ etc. I use my third eye again to recognize these as wasteful thoughts. I see myself getting entangled in Maya’s web of deception where she makes me believe, falsely, that this is what matters, that I need to fight for a place in this old world. That it is about winning, being the smartest, the one with the most followers, likes, trophies, badges etc. I am able to see through it and decide that these are useless things, that they only bring me fear, anxiety, sorrow and make me controlling as a result.

My third eye helps me recognize that I can only receive happiness from that which is true because it is permanent, constant. God, His knowledge are eternal Truths. I attach myself to God, I churn His knowledge, I invite Him into my mental space, I seat Him on my heart-throne. My third eye helps me see my own elevated destiny- what I was and becoming again. Then with the power of remembrance, I gain the power to bring about the change based on my realization.

For half a cycle, you have been seeing with your physical eyes. Now, use the third eye to see the truth, He says.

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