Check your foundation

Baba says, ‘check your foundation‘. If the foundation is weak, then nothing else matters.

We want to change, we want to do what Baba wants us to but we have a hard time doing so. Many say to Baba, ‘we do check ourselves, but we can’t change ourselves. We use the right method, but we are unable to attain success’. The reason, Baba says, is that we make one small mistake which takes us into a maze.

No matter how good a medicine might be, I may also be taking the correct dosage, but if I also take something I was forbidden to take, or don’t take something I was supposed to, then I am not able to be cured from that illness. Similarly, here too, I do churn the knowledge, I understand right from wrong, true from false, I attend class each morning, I do service i.e. I take all the doses. However, I forget to follow the very first or foundational precaution The Supreme Surgeon gives me:

One Father and none other. This, He says, has to be your foundation, your awareness.

Do I have this foundational awareness constantly, throughout the day? or do I simply please myself or rather deceive myself by thinking, ‘ of course, I am Baba’s. Who else do I have!’ Is this true in my practical life?

Meera, the great devotee, had none but one Krishna in her awareness. Her every thought, word and action was in dedication to him. She had no attachment to the riches or to her relatives. She wanted nothing to stand between her and her Krishna. He was her world. Then, there is the story of Hanuman (the Monkey god) who had only Ram (who represented God in the story) in his heart. His only wish was that he serve Ram all his life.

Is Baba my world? I usually start the day with Him in my heart. Then, slowly, the influence of the atmosphere, of company, I am unable to remain an embodiment of that awareness all the time. I pay full attention for sometime, then it diminishes as I wander off into the old world. Then, it changes to tension as situations come in front of me or certain people come in front of me. My yoga (or remembrance) is with the situation or the person, I forget Baba. Therefore, I lose power as well and I become anxious and stressed.

When I remember Baba and He is my world, I become a trustee. I am His responsibility when I follow His Shrimat (elevated direction). I do what I need to based on my original qualities and don’t worry about outcomes, I don’t hustle for a place in the old world. Because the line of my intellect is clear and connected to Him, I know what I need to do and have the courage to do it. I don’t lose time, my peace and contentment over ‘what should I do?’, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘should I do this or that?’ etc. I know and I do. Many say, ‘well, I do have to take care of my responsibilities!’. Baba says, ‘the more responsibility you have, the lighter you ought to be’. When I am light, I can shoulder my responsibilities accurately.

Meera spent every moment with her Beloved, her Krishna and sang about her days with him. Hanuman was just a Monkey but when Ram told him that he could fly across the ocean….lo and behold, he flew. Peter walked over water…

Well if they can do that, can I not change old, useless sanskars? All I have to do is make Him my world, in my practical life, by having all my relationships with Him. Then because I spend my time with Him, my every thought, word, action will be inspired by Him, He will be the primary influence on the soul. All it takes is one determined thought- mine is One Baba and none other. Then, success is guaranteed.

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