Don’t be lazy

Baba says, ‘don’t be lazy‘. Those who become disheartened become lazy.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle to find us completely lost and helpless. There is sorrow everywhere and the world is nothing like the one He created. We have completely forgotten who we are or who He is. He comes and reminds me that I am a soul- His child. He reminds me of my elevatedness, He reminds me of my sovereignty, He reminds me of the world as it used to be.

He tells me that I can and should reclaim my lost sovereignty and my world. I raise my hand and sign up to do this most elevated task with God Himself. Yes, I want to return this world and my world family to its lost glory.

So I launch myself on this path with a pure desire in my heart. I listen to Baba every morning intently, I set out to do as He says…..and I fail. I love Baba, I want to do what He says so badly. He paints a picture of perfection which I love and I want to be that. But it seems as if I take two steps forward and ten backwards. This happens a few times and I start to doubt if I understood Baba correctly. Maybe He wasn’t talking about me after all…maybe He was talking about the seniors, not little old me…. If it was me, I should have been able to the things He is asking me to, right?

At this point, I feel disheartened and if I am not careful, I might even leave the path.

‘Don’t lose courage’, says Baba. In addition to courage, I also need faith, patience and humility. Yes, it makes sense to keep the aim of perfection in front of me but I also need to acknowledge that I am a work-in-progress, that this is not an overnight transformation but rather a journey. Sanskars that have been with me for half a cycle don’t go away so quickly, I’ve become comfortable with them over time. I’ve even received temporary support and fulfillment from them. So yes, while it takes a second to realize that they are no longer useful to me, it takes a little longer to actually transform them. Let me have the humility to acknowledge that I am indeed imperfect and then have the patience to work on myself.

Baba is here with me to help. The key is to always have faith – in my own elevated destiny and in the fact that God is part of that destiny.

I am so fortunate that God Himself is bound to play a role in my life at this time in the cycle. He becomes my Teacher, my Guru and is my Eternal Beloved. He is bound to help me find my way back home, to help me reclaim my lost sovereignty, my lost world. This is His task, His specialization. He is here to do His task, let Him do it….all I have to do is co-operate.

Let me not become afraid when I come face to face with my the dark corners of my mind that I did not even know existed. Let me not resist, feel ashamed or guilty. Let me not get into feelings such as, ‘this can’t be true, what is going on!?’etc. The moment I allow shame and guilt inside, they take over and shut me down to God’s healing love. They make me believe that everything is my fault- Baba tells me it is not. I think I am letting Baba down – He says, I am not. I think He is disappointed in me – He could not be prouder. The negative thoughts are Maya trying to trick me, to get me off course.

Everything that is new must become old…it’s the way it works. Only God is beyond the influence of the vices and the cycle of birth. Only He is, therefore, never corrupted and always in realization. That is why He is able to come and serve the world, His children.

Give me your burdens, He says. Let me accept His offer and unload. My burdens don’t help me or anyone else. They only delay the transformation. When I unload, I am able to access the purity that is innate to me, it was just hidden underneath all the layers.

When sanskars don’t seem like they are moving, when it seems that I keep stumbling, the key is to not lose faith and keep getting back up. He hasn’t given up on me, why should I! If I listen, I find that He is teaching me a new way and another new way, and another… every day. He doesn’t tire….let me not tire either and simply offer my co-operation by doing my best to follow His direction. I am right on schedule…let me keep the faith.

When I feel disheartened and give up, I allow myself to settle for less. That’s both lazy and careless. God is Truth. He is telling me who I am and what I am capable of. Wouldn’t you rather bet on Him being right?

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  1. BK says:

    oM…iAM master creator of my destiny…heaven on earth

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