The moths and The Flame

Baba says, ‘you have come like moths to the Flame‘. The Father has come as The Flame to you moths. Usually the moths fly to the flame but here, Baba says, The Flame comes to the moths. Do I have this intoxication?

When there are lamps lit, there are usually moths that fly into the flame. Here, Baba asks me to die alive. Die from all body consciousness, the old useless sanskars that cause me sorrow and become liberated.

There are three kinds of moths, Baba says:

(1) there are those that fly into the flame. They have no concern for themselves, that is, they have no concern of body consciousness, of their own physical comforts, preferences, or anything else. They are totally lost to all awareness of all physical things, that is, they are constantly merged in love for the Flame.

(2) then there are those of us that become attracted to the light and might of the Flame; we even wish to come close to it and become equal to it, but the awareness of the body and bodily relations, roles and duties, the awareness of physical comfort, the battle with the sanskars of body consciousness doesn’t allow us to have the courage to come close. We instead waste time spinning around in the awareness of all these different things. 

(3) some of us are attracted to The Flame when we see other moths; we even think about it, but we are constantly caught up in conflict, that is, we wish to keep our feet in two boats – the temporary happiness that Maya offers and the imperishable attainment from the Father, the Flame. We constantly ask questions: Should I do this or not?  Will there be attainment or not?  Is it possible or not?  Is it difficult or easy?  Is this the only true path or are there other paths?  We constantly question ourselves and ask others too. We wish to know Him…but do not want to die alive.  Our heart sinks when we have to die alive or if we have to leave something. 

Let me check what type of moth am I?

For half a cycle, I have wandered, lost..not knowing who I am, Whom I belonged to or what I am here to do. Baba comes and reminds me that I am a pure soul, His child. He reminds me of my elevated destiny and tells me of my purpose of being a world transformer. I feel relieved and ecstatic when I hear this the first time and every time He says it. I want to restore myself and my world to our original glory.

Why then, He asks, despite your experience of having wandered aimlessly for so long, despite the experience of sorrow it caused you do you insist on still spinning around? Are you not sufficiently tired? Why do you continue to spend time and energy in wasteful thoughts and activities when you are now aware of your true destination? If the intellect is still wandering, then it is going to a temporary attainment, a temporary destination. Let go of these false props that promise temporary fulfillment, they take you away from your true, elevated destiny, He cautions.

Rather than spin the cycle of waste thoughts, spin the discuss of self-realization, He says. That will remind you of who you are and keep you safe from Maya. Many think God demands that we become renunciates, give up our family and wealth and live the life of a recluse. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Baba says, ‘relinquishing your family and responsibilities and moving to the jungle is cowardice’.

Renounce your old sanskars, your body consciousness instead, He says. He is showing me the path back to self-sovereignty by showing me how to die from this old world and its ways. When I transform, I shoulder my responsibilities accurately, am able to be loving and fully present, successful and happy, peaceful and content. And this does not require me to move to the mountains or anywhere else. I do it staying where I am….it’s learning to take charge again of my mind, my intellect and my sanskars. It’s taking my reins back into my hands.

I have come to make you beautiful again, He says. The basis of beauty is purity. So let me not be afraid of flying into The Flame, let me not be afraid of burning away the useless and becoming light and pure again, becoming beautiful again.

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