Father, Teacher and Satguru

Baba says, ‘stay in the remembrance of the Father, Teacher and Satguru‘. Should be easy since it is the same Soul.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle to meet His long lost and now found children. We have forgotten who we are, Whom we belong and what we are here to do. In fact that is a recurring question for a number of people – what am I here to do? He comes and reminds me of who I am – that I am a pure, peaceful soul with divine qualities. He reminds me that I am His child and tells me about Himself. He then also tells me about the beginning, middle and end of my story which also is the story of the world- I started out pure, elevated…then lost my way, fell prey to the vices….now I have to reclaim my sovereignty.

‘I have come bearing the gift of heaven on the palm of my hand’, He says. A Father always brings gifts for His children, especially, the long lost children who have been waiting for Him. He cares for me.

He is also my Teacher as He teaches me about who I am, about Him and the cycle. He teaches me how to reclaim the lost sovereignty by being soul conscious again – including what that means. He teaches me right from wrong, true from false.

He is my Guru, in fact He is my Satguru– The True Guru in a world that is full of false ones. He guides me as I go through my day. It is one thing to understand what being soul conscious means and a different thing to actually be it. At every step, in every situation that comes my way, He guides me on how to apply what I have learnt, how to discern right from wrong, how to apply the powers.

‘No matter where you are or what you are doing, remember Me’, He says. In the world, these relationships are usually different people, each with a different opinion based on their personality, their own conditioning, background etc. Here, it is easy – it is all in One, He says. There is no misalignment since it is the same Soul. Easy to remember too…

Do I remember Him? or do I still find it necessary to go to human beings for guidance, feedback and approval. No matter how well-intentioned or levelheaded a person might be, there is always an element of good/better/best. There is always a filter (usually multiple) that colors their world view often without their knowing. God is Ever Pure. He is beyond the influences of the physical world, only He never forgets the truth – of who He is, who we are and the story of the cycle. So only He can truly guide me.

He is telling me who I am, my qualities, reminding me of my potential – let me listen to Him. Often we listen to what He says, then immediately compare it to our current state and say, ‘but you don’t know me Baba. I am not that…‘. Actually, ONLY He knows who I am…it is I who has forgotten! Let me not resist the truth. Let me not make the mistake of looking at just the present and judging the whole story based on a few isolated scenes. Let me learn to spin the cycle of self-realization and see my whole story- how elevated it is. Let me hold on to what He teaches me with faith and step into that vision rather than be a spectator standing on the sidelines. It is MY story, not someone else’s, let me embrace it.

In the world, people often talk about how so and so is lucky – he had great parents who gave him such a wonderful upbringing, the best teachers at the best schools and great mentors along the way.

Who is my Parent, Teacher and Guide? God Himself…and I attend the Godly University where I learn not just for now- for a limited time or a limited income- but for the whole cycle. Let’s see you beat that!

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