Developing a spiritual personality

Baba says, ‘serve with your spiritual personality‘. Purity is the basis of a spiritual personality.

Today, in the world, there are two kinds of personalities – those with a personality based on physical appearance and those with a personality based on power and authority. But you children have a spiritual personality – your greatness of contentment is visible through your face and features, He says. When one is content, others want to be around them. Because they are content, their minds and hearts are calm, they experience happiness and are never in upheaval. So other souls that do experience fear or anxiety are attracted to souls that are content. They are inspired to be like them.

To be content, I need to become pure – in my thoughts, words and actions.

When I am situated in my spirituality i.e. when I am soul conscious, I don’t waste my energy, time or thoughts. I use them in a worthwhile way. I don’t let trivial, petty, mundane things of he said/she said, I/mine interfere with my peace and contentment. No matter how ordinary an action or task might be, because I perform it while staying in an elevated consciousness, it becomes extra-ordinary, it inspires others. The specialty of the personality of purity is that every action is filled with greatness.

One with a spiritual personality is also happy.

When I am full of only good wishes and pure feelings for one and all and offer them my co-operation, then my personality is one of happiness. In the outside world, when I give something, I have less of it. But in the world of spirituality, it is the opposite- the more I give of something, the more I have of it. There isn’t an easier way to be full and content and happy than giving good wishes- it helps me more than the other person. My mind stays positive, peaceful and happy. Let me not drink the poison of negative thoughts, let me learn to see but not see through these physical eyes but instead learn to see through the third eye of knowledge.

I become one with a spiritual personality through God who comes and reminds me that I am in fact a spirit, a soul, His child. He reminds me of my own elevatedness. When I remember Him, spend time with Him, I realize myself. I feel inspired to be like Him because innately, the soul knows that’s how it is too. I want to return home, to my original pure self.

When you have a personality of purity, you serve naturally, He says. Your very existence serves. The sparkle of your spiritual personality or your glance of happiness and contentment would make any distressed or peaceless soul happy and peaceful, He says. Now is the time to serve, not with words, but with your personality. Let me check today, what type of personality do I have?

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  1. sandomina says:

    Beautifully narrated

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