Follow Shrimat

Baba says, ‘only follow Shrimat‘. Shrimat (elevated directions) is given by God. It makes me elevated.

Sometimes, we think of or even use this word in a harsh way. We think of Shrimat as a set of rules – a list of dos and don’ts- that I need to follow judiciously. Why? Because God said so, because the seniors said so, because it is the right thing to do. While these are all true, they don’t necessarily motivate me to follow Shrimat.

I do anything well when I realize why and what the benefit is from doing it.

Shrimat is directions God gives me for my protection and progress. While we progress on this spiritual path, we also need a protection from the old sanskars – we do after all still live in the old world even as we study for the new. I do still come into contact with negative forces, sanskars (both mine and others’) and when I act under their influence, I don’t realize at that moment that this may be wrong, I get completely taken over, lose my clarity, peace and happiness. This is why, at the end of the cycle, we experience so much pain and suffering. This is why we call out to our Father to come and rescue us from this sorrow.

Baba comes and introduces Himself and He also gives Shrimat– out of love and great concern for the soul, so souls can be free and happy again. He gives many things – love, knowledge, understanding…but also the directions. This is the track on which I must stay to be safe. These are the spiritual principles – when I break them I come into sorrow. So Baba reminds me of what they are to protect the soul and help it progress- this is why there is Shrimat.

I also follow Shrimat because I care for my world family. I am not just concerned about just my peace, my happiness, my freedom. When I follow Baba, there is a concern for everyone and everything. Then, it is not a matter of Shrimat…it is a matter of compassion and caring. Then, there is deep transformation because I realize that my transformation in turn brings benefit to hundreds of souls.

When I trust God, I become a good student and follow the direction. It is not a blind surrender or obedience. When I experience the pure love, I will surrender to it and I will follow. Love and honesty are what motivate me to follow Shrimat accurately.

One who has love both for the Father and the task will wish to be accurate. It is not imposed, it is a wish from inside that I want to be real and genuine in my relationship with God and with others. I also need honesty…not just toward Baba but toward my aim. What is my aim? my purpose? why am I on this path? When that becomes real and personal to the self, I will follow the conditions to reach that aim. If I understand Baba’s love, if I have decided that sorrow is not my religion and that peace and happiness is….then, I will be honest.

The #1 Shrimat or protection is remembrance.

I remember because I want to take my life in another direction…away from the old world. He says, ‘wake up in the early morning hours of nectar and remember the Father with a lot of love. Speak to Him sweetly’. Remembrance means to give oneself. In remembrance there is inspiration to be like the One you love.

It is made powerful through determination and daily consistency.

I make a determined promise to myself and Baba – I don’t want useless things in my life anymore. I MUST change. I accumulate power through determination. Then, Baba is able to co-operate with the soul and give it more power. When there is courage, there is determination and God’s help. I pay attention daily. When it is daily, it becomes a living experience, doesn’t just remain in the intellect as a point of knowledge. I remember my Father, my original destiny and I find that I don’t have to make effort to transform individual sanskars but rather virtues will just start to work automatically.

Shrimat, Baba says, is my love for you. It is my protection.

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