God is One

Baba says, ‘God is One. No human can be called God‘. He is the incorporeal One.

He comes at the end of the cycle and introduces Himself, ‘I come at the confluence age of every cycle. Only I, the Creator, come and tell you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole creation‘. He comes when it is His turn to play His part in the Eternal Drama. He comes at the end of the cycle when the world is completely degraded and has become hell.

He comes to change hell into heaven, to establish one religion of peace and happiness and to take us souls, His children, back home.

There are many that claim to be God. No human being can be called God, He clarifies. I am incorporeal, as are you. The difference is that you have a body of your own, I don’t. I take a body on loan (Brahma Baba’s body) to teach you. Surely, I need a body to be able to see and speak, this is a school.

Many people imagine that if God were to come, there’d be thunder and lightning and that we’d hear His voice booming through the clouds. In reality, God comes very simply into an ordinary, impure body at the end of the cycle into an impure world. I come to meet My children, He says. There is no reason for pomp and show when a Father comes to meet His children.

He comes bearing a gift of salvation, of liberation-in-life in the palm of His hand. Only He can grant souls salvation which is why He is called the Satguru. There are many false gurus in the world today. ‘How can anyone be called a guru if they cannot grant salvation, if they don’t know the way back home?’, He asks. Only I can take you back home with Me because only I know the way back.

Only He knows because only He is constantly in realization. Only He never forgets because only He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. Only He remains beyond the influence of Maya and the elements.

Devotees hold conflicting opinions of Him on the path of bhakti. He is called the Knowledge-full One, the Seed of the human world tree. Devotees say that I am the Supreme Soul, God, the Truth, the Sentient Being and the Embodiment of Bliss, the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness. There is so much praise! But then, they also say He is beyond name and form. If there were no name, form, land or time period, to Whom do they call out? Whom do they praise?, He asks

Sages relate the scriptures to you, I teach you Rajayoga – the knowledge to become a self-sovereign. You receive salvation through this knowledge. He comes as The Purifier, The Almighty Authority – His mere remembrance purifies souls. Devotees think God can bring back the dead, read people’s minds. He says, that is not My job. What use is it to Me to read anyone’s mind? Yes, as a Father and Teacher, I can tell what state a child is in through their behavior.

Some think receiving a vision of God grants salvation. Baba clarifies that it does not such thing. A vision is useless, He says. For salvation, you have to study the knowledge. This is a school, there is no question of visions or even mercy.

The Father comes and gives His own introduction: I am the Supreme Soul who resides in the supreme abode. I am called the Seed of the world, the Father of all. All souls call out to the Father: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! Just as you souls are subtle, like stars, so too, Baba, the Supreme Soul, is also a star. He is no smaller or larger. The Father says: I am not thumb-shaped (form of a linga), neither am I an infinitely bright light. In the Gita it is said that Arjuna saw this light and said: Stop it! I can’t tolerate it any more! Oh! But, how could it be possible that when a child sees his father he says that he can’t bear to see his form? A child would be happy to see his father, would he not? The Father says: I don’t have such a form.  

God too plays a part in the Drama. He is the Creator, Director and principal Actor. The Father explains who the highest-on-high Actor is. He is God, the Highest on High, with whom all the souls also reside in the home, the soul world. Many say that God sends everyone down. Then, others ask why He created this Drama, this world, why did He have to send us down here! This is also something to be understood, He says. I don’t send you down, the Drama is eternally predestined. Each one comes to play their part at their own time. I too am bound by my role in the Drama.

Many think God gives both happiness and sorrow. He is the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Happiness. He is the Liberator. He is the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. The Father says, ‘how can I give sorrow to my own children? I only give happiness’. Everyone has two fathers- the father of the body and the Father of all souls, Eternal Father, the Supreme Soul.

I come to establish heaven, to change this jungle of thorns into a garden of flowers. Only a few recognize Me and know Me accurately as I am. Many search for Him on high mountain tops, seek Him on dangerous pilgrimages, perform intense penance and thirst for just a single glance.

I come at My time and find you, He says. You are My children, relate to Me as such. I have come to take you back home now, He says. Then, He gives me a unique direction, ‘renounce all bodily religions and become soul conscious! Constantly remember Me alone!’

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