Don’t let your eyes deceive you

Baba says, ‘don’t let your eyes deceive you‘. Make your vision soul conscious.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle to find us in the darkness of ignorance. He gives us the third eye of knowledge or in other words, the light to dispel the darkness. With the third eye, I am able to see beyond the apparent, beyond what the physical eyes see.

Don’t be deceived by your eyes, He cautions.

The eyes are our windows into the world, we rely on them to find our way, to see. What I see leaves a powerful image on my psyche. It makes sense therefore that I be careful about what I see.

I start the day by reading the newspaper- these days, filled with mostly negative, sensationalized news. They have images that are designed to catch the eye. We open our windows to this information first thing in the morning when my consciousness is like a sponge ready to absorb. These images and information stay with me through the day. Then at work, I see my colleagues – look at what they are wearing, how they look and my intellect proceeds to critique what I’ve seen. Then I go to a meeting and I see someone looking at their phone when I am speaking- again, my intellect proceeds to judge them as disrespectful. Later, as I walk down the corridor, I see two people look at me and then exchange glances- I think, must be something about me. Then at the store, I see someone I know but they look right through me- so much for politeness! and on and on….

At home, if there is dust or smoke or something else that is unpleasant outside, I immediately close the windows. But am I that careful with myself? Do I close my windows i.e. my eyes and ears when I see or hear something unnecessary, wasteful?

More often than not, I find myself paying more attention to such things. I see someone behaving a certain way, being clumsy, I pay careful attention. Someone starts gossiping to me about someone else, I ensure I am hearing every last detail.

Remember who you are and the time, He says. I am a soul, a child of God Himself. And this is the most elevated Confluence age when He comes to transform me from human to angel. Let me check if I am using my physical organs in a way that is helping me transform and reach my aim or if I am sabotaging myself.

When I am careless about what my eyes see, it affects my thoughts which in turn affects my words, my actions, my very attitude. When I try to remember Baba, I find that my mind is flooded with thoughts related to what I saw that day or the previous day. Sometimes, it’s what I saw or what someone told me a year or 10 years ago. My eyes themselves then reflect what I feel- when someone looks at me, they see negativity in my eyes, they see exhaustion, they see peacelessness, discontentment, jealousy or judgment. It’s circular.

So, is the remedy then to go through my days with my eyes closed? There is the story of the saint Surdas who literally blinded himself so as to not see anything other than Krishna (representing God). Baba tells us, this is not about blinding yourself. Rather, learn to see but not see, make your vision soul conscious.

Let me choose what I let my eyes dwell upon. Do I have to see that image? that billboard? that movie? that behavior? Instead, let me use my third eye of knowledge to see inward, situate myself in the consciousness of the soul and connect with the Supreme. Seeing Him brings me happiness, purifies me and lifts me up. Why would I deceive myself by seeing the scenes of this degraded, old world? Why push myself down at a time when God is here to lift me up?

Baba says, your eyes are a projector. You have to decide what picture you want to show the world through this projector. The more powerful the projector is, the more clearly visible the scene is. In the same way, the more disciplined and divine your eyes become, that is, the more full of spirituality they are, the more pictures will be visible to many through your eyes. And they will be just as clearly visible as those images that are seen through a projector. So you can show the pictures of the Father, of the inheritance to your brothers and sisters. Whoever comes in front of you can see the purity, peace, happiness, knowledge, confidence, love, belonging in your eyes. The brighter your light is, the clearer the picture is.

My eyes are extremely valuable, let me realize their value and not waste them on useless things. Instead let me see the Father, my elevated destiny and my immense fortune. This is the great service I do to myself and to others.

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