An instrument consciousness

Baba says, ‘serve with an instrument consciousness‘. This is the basis of success in any task.

Baba comes to transform this world from old to new, from hell to heaven. He comes to do this at the very end of the cycle when the world is extremely degraded and literally falling apart. We, His children, having forgotten who we are are lost and wandering doing wrong things and crying for help simultaneously. In short, it’s a mess.

But, He is God, He is the Almighty Authority. He could come, take a quick look, change the whole thing, have a quick press conference to ensure everyone knows what He did and then enjoy His time in the new world that ‘He created’. But then, He wouldn’t be Who He is if that’s what He did…

He says, ‘I am an Instrument of service‘. I come to serve you and the world. He comes as my Father, Teacher and Satguru. He finds me as I am wandering, embraces me with a lot of love and reminds me of who I am and my elevated destiny. He reminds me of how the world used to be and tells me that He is here to return it back to it’s lost glory.

Then He asks, ‘will you help Me in this task?’ (It’s called humility.)

God is asking me to help Him, I must be special! My self-respect rises. He teaches me how to think, speak and do. When you change, the world changes..He says. As I listen and learn, as I check and change, my self-respect grows, I feel confident, I take back the reins of my life into my hands again.

God’s method is different than humans: He serves. He becomes an instrument for change by facilitating change. He doesn’t think, ‘this would be so much faster if I did it myself’. He doesn’t stress if the task will ever get done. He doesn’t think or feel these things because He serves as an instrument of the Drama. He trusts the Drama, the timing of all things and He simply keeps doing His job. He actually enjoys what He is doing.

In contrast, I find myself in the ‘doer consciousness’ rather than an ‘instrument consciousness’. When I consider myself the doer, there is the burden of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ – ‘I am the teacher’, ‘I did this!’, ‘I need to get this done..’, ‘this is my responsibility’ etc. ‘I’ and ‘mine’, as Baba says, are the gates to Maya, this is the main weakness that stops progress in service.

When I am an instrument, there is no question of ‘I’ or ‘mine’, I am an instrument of Baba…nothing is mine, it is His. Even I am His responsibility, I simply have to follow His Shrimat. Here again, we start to use our intellect and question His direction: ‘but why should I do all the work when they don’t even appreciate what I do?’, ‘it’s easy for Baba to be idealistic, here I need to be tactful..else everyone takes advantage of your goodness’ etc. I forget that this is the old sanskar talking and that God and I are partnering to create a new world. Then, I do the wrong thing, I feel all alone and uneasy after doing it and go into a spiral of disheartenment.

Always think that the Father is getting everything done through you, then you will not feel alone and heavy with responsibility. You don’t even have to think…the Father does all the thinking for you. All you do is follow, He says. When I am an instrument, I am humble and…I trust. When I trust, I surrender. I don’t suffer from ‘if’, ‘what’, or ‘but’. When I am this consciousness, it is easy to overcome ego and all the other vices. It is easy to experience the companionship of God, to stop waste thoughts, to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for all.

For half a cycle, I have been carrying the burden of ‘doing’ without first getting the ‘being’ right. And it has made me alone, stressed and unhappy. My Father is here now, He is teaching me how to be. It’s not the task, He teaches me, it’s who you are while performing the task. Let me learn from His example, from His teaching and become that which I truly am again – a true server, an instrument, like my Father. Then, you will experience pleasure in service, there will be no tiredness and success will be guaranteed.

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